Mother’s Day: Boss, The Villain – 5 Cute Mother-Son Scenes From Popular Kannada Films

Celebrate some special moments between a mother and son from your favourite Kannada films on this special day. Keep some tissues handy!

Doddmane Hudga

We all know that Mother’s Day is undoubtedly the purest one that exists. On this special day, take out a few minutes with your mother and have a look at these beautiful scenes from your favourite Kannada films that will truly make you shed tears of joy!

Here is a scene of Puneet and Sumalatha who play son and mother in the movie Doddmane Hudge. Surya, played by Puneeth, is falsely arrested for trying to do good for the city. While the corrupt officers are threatened by the changes he manages to bring about, it is Sumalatha who encourages him to continue what he is doing and tells him that she will always be there to support him.

The Villain

This is indeed a very sensitive scene and we must tell you, keep your tissue box ready as Vishalavva, played by Saranya Ponvannan, refuses to believe that her son has died. Even though Ramu (Shiva Rajkumar), tries to convince her about Ram’s death, she turns a deaf ear. The strong bond between a mother and her son truly comes out in this one.


In this movie, we see the struggle of a teenage boy Darshan faces. While his father is always picking on him and blaming him for everything that goes wrong, his mother tells him that she will always stand by him to encourage him in his future endeavours and also tells him not to listen to anything his father says.

Thayige Thakka Maga 

While this movie is all about Mohandas’ relationship with his mother Parvathi, this is an intense scene of Mohandas who is fighting with the goons to protect his mother. When they try to attack Parvathi, he goes to save her to an extent where he risks his life as he catches fire. This one will surely keep you on the edge of your seats!

Mugulu Nage

Looking for a cute but fun mother-son moment? Here’s a scene showing Pulakeshi, the playful one who never takes life too seriously. However, it is a special moment when his mother brings him back on line and teaches him the right way of leading life. The way she explains how one can be more serious is not only a light moment but one that every child can connect to.

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