Mother’s Day Special: 10 Top Movies To Watch With Your Mom This Sunday

We bring you these fun-filled films that kids will love watching with their mothers at home. Details inside!

1. Winner And The Golden Child

The second Sunday in the month of May always brings us to Mother’s Day, and even though we will be at home for it this year, does not mean we do not get to celebrate it! We got you the choicest films that children can watch with their parents on ZEE5 Kids that day, that you are sure to love. Read on to know what they are.

In Winner And The Golden Child, the wicked Maya and Shere-Khan the tiger are preparing a new attack against Ary and his friends. This time, Maya wants to organise a soccer tournament to beat Ary and destroy him, and she starts training very hard with her soccer team of hyenas and monkeys.

2. Mother Teresa

This film illustrates the life of Mother Teresa, an iconic figure of our time. Watch the story of the selfless missionary who brought hope, love, and salvation unfold in this top-notch animation for kids and family. Follow her journey as the young Agnese Gonxha Bojaxiu who came to Kolkata from her hometown in Albania, and went on to become a modern day saint.

3. Cinderella: Conspiracy At The Emerald Castle

In Cinderella: Conspiracy At The Emerald Castle, the royal emerald castle is the home of King Charles, but the wicked Duke Zaral is hell bent on usupring the throne and eliminating King Charles. Will he succeed? Watch to find out!

4. Planes With Brains

When Gumdrop and Vroomer, the newest members of the Plane Scout crew, are sent on a mission by commander Gumdrop, they take off on the greatest adventure of their lives. As they fly high in the clouds, they meet a genius robot that helps them learn all there is to know about amazing planes.

5. The Three Musketeers

This animated movie available in Hindi is an adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Dumas. The Three Muskeeteers is about Cardinal Richelieu and Milady as they team up against the King’s Musketeers in 17th century France. Full of action and history, this intriguing film is a must watch!

6. Marc Logan

Meet Marcello, Paolo, and their father — who have lost everything except hope for a better life on the other side of the Atlantic in America. That is where their uncle had migrated to the year before last. Leaving their homeland and memories behind, Paolo and Giancarlo set sail for the New World.

7. Christopher Colombus

The year 1992 marked the quincentenary of Columbus’ discovery of America. Christopher Columbus is a beautifully entertaining animated movie that recaptures the time when Columbus first rose to greatness, later to become one of history’s greatest catalysts for his eventual discovery of America.

8. Cinderella

Cinderella is the delightful animated version of our favourite fairytale from childhood, about the poor little girl with an evil stepmother and two evil step-sisters who go to great lengths to ensure that she lives a life of utter misery. However, Cinderella’s fairy godmother comes to her rescue, and a beautiful romantic adventure ensues. This classic film is a must-watch!

9. Patalghar

Patalghar is a science fiction film from 2013, starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Biplab Chatterjee and Kharaj Mukherjee. Aghor Sen, a scientist, invents a machine which can generate waves and put any sentient being to sleep. But when Aghor dies, the instrument goes missing. About 150 years later, some goons and Dr Bhoothnath set out to search for it. To reach Patalghar where the instrument lies hidden, they must solve some riddles. Will they be able to reach Patalghar? Or will they need help from an external source?

10. Amra Panch

A band of five mischievous friends want to do something meaningful for the society. They want to remove all evils from the society and keep looking for ways to do something good. What do they do? Starring Sreela Majumdar, Dipayan Chaudhari, Raj Adhikari and Somadrita Chaudhari, watch Amra Panch to find out more.

Which of these films will you watch first on Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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