Mrs. Subbalakshmi Episode 4 Written Update: Subbalakshmi Gives Lift To A Runaway Couple

Subbalakshmi invites more problems for herself by giving a lift to a runaway couple that is trying to evade goons. How will she deal with this?

Mrs. Subbalakshmi

In the previous episode of Mrs. Subbalakshmi, Subramanyam goes to the vehicle store to inquire about his wife, however, the store manager tells him that she bought a jeep from them but they don’t anything about her whereabouts. Then, in an attempt to track her, Subramanyam goes to Subbu’s friend Jhansi’s house, assuming she might have a clue about where his wife’s whereabouts. However, Jhansi gives him an earful and confirms that she has left him for good. Later, she suggests him to read his wife’s diary before he goes on a lookout for her. Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi gets a makeover and heads to a pub to have a few drinks and celebrate her freedom. While a man at the bar tries to make a move on Subbalakshmi but the latter insults him and heckles him away.

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In the fourth episode, Subbalakshmi participates in a women’s centric radio show. She calls the RJ of a popular radio FM, who had asked her listeners to ring her up and reveal their Women’s Day plan. Subbalakshmi tells the RJ that every woman must date themselves. Explaining it, she adds that women should not only be serving their husbands or bosses all 365 days but also must dedicate at least one day for just themselves. Other listeners get impressed by Subbu’s plan, call the RJ up to reveal their plans too. Meanwhile, Subramanyam heads home to find Subbu’s diary to find clues that will help him to locate her. Later, Subbalakshmi gives a lift to a runaway couple that is trying to evade goons. While the three go to an eatery to have breakfast, they spot the goons there. They try to escape the goons but get noticed. Will the goons catch them? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Mrs. Subbalakshmi, a ZEE5 Original comedy series starring Lakshmi Manchu, Srinivas Avasarala and Adrus Raghu. Fed up of her workaholic husband, Mrs. Subbalakshmi decides to walk out of the house to seek freedom from her routine life. However, her journey turns both adventurous and hilarious when she lands up in the middle of a diamond heist.

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