National Journalism Day 2019: Media – The Fourth Pillar Of Democracy, Not Anymore?

Media is supposed to be the watchdog of democracy, deliver unbiased news and not influence opinion. However, the onus doesn't fall on journalists only

Social Media

Everything is just a ‘click’ away! Feeling bored? Browse through a never-ending library of content available easily on OTT platforms. Missing a loved one? Video call anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Want to shop for groceries? Order your preferred items online and pay by card. Comfort is literally wrapped around your finger by a click. Access is by-default granted and no longer needs a system to keep a check and balance. However, is the liberty and power to ‘access’ anything and everything advantageous? Is it all a hoax to blind us from looking at the larger picture?

TRPs are a tough game. More often than not, channels get dirty in the playground, in an attempt to whisk away with a brownie point. The industry seems to be running steadily in parallel with the world of gloss n’ glam. But seldom are we warned that what you see is not what you get. Confuse, if you cannot convince. Prioritizing profits over proof, we see so many portals chasing what might rake in great numbers over whatever else that might be more important.

News portals are meant to disseminate information as media is the fourth pillar democracy stands on. However, with power-play entering the arena. propaganda and politics trump everything else. Analyze one-hour of a prime-time debate and you’ll know what we are talking about! Media is supposed to be the watchdog of democracy, deliver unbiased news and not influence opinion. However, the onus falls on not the journalists alone! As a consumer, it is equally your responsibility to cross-check what you consume and verify the information. Do not get swayed by everything you are told, because it’s good to be opinionated but it’s better to be aware.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, access is just a click away. Use social media wisely, and do not contribute to making false stories viral. Paid news has led to a marginal downfall in the standards of journalism as it is, cut the roots with your smart usage of technology and the power vested in it.

Consume, but carefully. Create, but with caution.

Here’s wishing all the journalists a very Happy National Journalism Day!

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