Sensational ZEE5: Top Rated Films Of The Year To Binge Watch Over The Weekend

As ZEE5 celebrates its second anniversary this February, we have compiled a list of top-rated films with great reviews, just for you.

Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay

ZEE5 is celebrating its second anniversary this February. While you folks might be busy fixing your perfect dates on February 14, we will be partying, thanks to the successful streak of the OTT platform. Over the past two years that the platform has been active and we have managed to acquire quite a lot of entertaining content for the audience. Right from critically acclaimed films to original TV series, we have amassed some of the best content that the industry has to offer on one platform!

In fact, speaking of acclaimed films, we found ourselves promoting some of the best Tamil films, that have been released in the last few years. From 2019’s hit Nerkonda Paarvai starring Ajith Kumar, to Vijay’s Mersal, you will find some sensational and top-rated films on our platform. Scroll below and check out what Sensational ZEE5 has to offer for you this weekend.

Nerkonda Paarvai

Ajith Nerkonda Paarvai
A still from Nerkonda Paarvai (Source: ZEE5)

Nerkonda Paarvai is the Tamil remake of the famous Hindi film, Pink. The movie stars Ajith Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Andrea Tariang, Arjun Chidambaram, Adhik Ravichandran, Ashwin Rao, Rangaraj Pandey, Sujith Shankar, Delhi Ganesh, Vidya Balan, and Jayaprakash and is directed by H. Vinoth. Much like the Hindi film, Nerkonda Paarvai also received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The story revolves around three independent women, and how they get embroiled in a legal mess with Adhik, and his well-connected friends, for refusing to bed them. Bharath (played by Ajith Kumar), a retired lawyer, decides to take up their case and help them win it while explaining the importance of acknowledging the word ‘No.’

Irumbu Thirai

Irumbu Thrirai Poster
Source: YouTube

Irumbu Thirai is an action thriller film starring Vishal as Major R Kathiravan, an army officer with anger management issues, Samantha as Rathi Devi, his psychiatrist and for the first time, action hero Arjun in a negative role. The film deals with the issue of cyber crime, where Kathiravan is the victim of a loan scam which results in his sister’s marriage ceremony being cancelled and his father attempting to commit suicide. Enraged, Kathiravan sets out to track the culprits. In the process, he comes up against Sathyamkoorthy, a.k.a White Devil, who is a king pin on the Dark Net. The film has received positive reviews for its plot twists and Vishal showed his usual mastery in action scenes. The dark horse here was Arjun in a negative role, which is an experience like never before.


Mersal Poster
Source: ZEE5

Vijay and Atlee’s second collaboration Mersal, became quite a box office hit in 2017. The film starring Vijay, Nithya Menen, Samantha Akkineni, Vadivelu, Sathyaraj, Kovai Sarala and more, in pivotal roles, received good reviews for its social message. Mersal sees Vijay play a triple role as a father and his twin boys (they’re also portrayed by Vijay) in this film by Atlee. The story revolves around the false arrest of Maaran, a doctor who has been accused of killing his colleague, Dr. Arjun Zachariah. However, it is later discovered that Maaran has a lookalike, Vetri, who is the real culprit behind the murders.



A still from Kanaa
A still from Kanaa (Source: ZEE5)

Award-winning film Kanaa, featuring Aishwarya Rajesh, veteran actor Sathyaraj and actor/producer Sivakarthikeyan is the story of Kowsi and her journey to achieve her dream of becoming a world class cricketer and thus, put a smile on her father’s face. Growing up, Kowsi faces the wrath of her village for playing with boys and wearing shorts. But her father stands by her and her unique off-spin bowling technique grows to be appreciated. Eventually after much struggle, she managed to get selected to be part of the Indian women’s cricket team. However, training proves to be disastrous as she faces internal politics in the academy and a demotivating coach. Her situation is worsened by her father’s failing fortunes in agriculture and the looming threat of his land getting re-possessed. The film is beautifully shot and Aishwarya Rajesh, who learnt cricket especially for this role, has done a superb job. Veteran actor Sathyaraj shows complete mastery over the craft, as usual and so does Sivakarthikeyan.

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