Never Kiss Your Best Friend Actor Nakuul Mehta: I Don’t Want To Work For Validation

Nakuul opens up about his fear of seeking validation during the promotions of his upcoming web series Never Kiss Your Best Friend.

Nakuul Mehta in black and white photo

Promotions can be exhausting! But for someone who was at it for hours, speaking to several journalists, shooting videos and segments despite being under the weather, Nakuul Mehta‘s only vibe was: chal, karte hai! Dressed in a neon green blazer suit, matching pants and a blue tee to break the monotony, Nakuul certainly was at his dapper best. And if his hippie outfit was totes stylish, his funky sneakers were absolute stunners. Keeping it brief but crisp, we spoke to Nakuul about his next, a ZEE5 Original web series Never Kiss Your Best Friend, co-star Anya Singh, what he wants to leave behind in 2019 and more. Below are the excerpts from our exclusive but candid conversation with the handsome hottie.

Why never kiss your best friend?

In the larger context, it does change things. But if the friendship leads to romance, a relationship, kissing can be bloody enjoyable.

Three things that you love about Anya Singh.

She loves food, she is very good at what she does, she has a very good heart.

Three things you feel Anya should change about herself.

1. Wear presentable clothes because I refuse to go out if she dresses in pyjamas in Mumbai.
2. Eat food – she is very random about food, I feel it kind of sets your day.
3. Be sure of yourself, I don’t think why she has self-doubts, which is endearing in a way, but she doesn’t have to be unsure.

3 things you notice in a man/woman.

I really observe if a persona is judgmental or not. In a woman, I see if they look at you and talk. Also, how authentic they are in their speech and body language.

One thing you want people to stop asking you in 2020.

What are you doing next? I think that’s the worst question to ask an actor. If I knew what I’d be doing next, I’d be a banker. The whole act that you chose to be an artist, you chose a life where at times you don’t know what’s happening but you trust the process. I never ask a person that question until they share themselves.

One thing you don’t want to carry into 2020.

I don’t want to feel any fear.

One fear you want to conquer.

Fear of requiring validation. All of us as human beings at some space require validation. I don’t want to work for validation, I don’t want it to be a motivation at all.

One thing about Anya that surprised you the most.

I didn’t think I’d invest so much of myself in people. I cried buckets after my first project ended. I have come past that space. But we were able to find that sweet spot and that was honestly quite surprising. I knew I’d invest in the project but never knew I’d do the same in the people too.

How much of Tanie do you see in Anya?

I think Anya was the best-suited to play Tanie. Regardless of whether someone else would have played Sumer, I say this with complete honesty. Also, she has very pretty eyes.

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