Nude, Dombivali Fast: 7 Films That’ll Make You Feel Grateful For Life During This Lockdown

If self-isolation is making you bitter and sad, these seven Marathi dramas on ZEE5 will fill you with gratitude and gratefulness. List inside!

1. Nude

Poster Of Nude
Source: ZEE5

The coronavirus pandemic has brought everyone’s hectic lives to a standstill. The virus which is said to be fast-spreading has been a subject of worry for every economy in the world. The best measure to prevent the virus from spreading is to isolate ourselves in our comfy little homes. The quarantine stage is of utmost importance and serves the purpose of curtailing the disease. However, you might be wondering what to do to keep ourselves busy during your time at home. Well, isn’t this situation ideal for a movie enthusiast to binge-watch films? Here are five Marathi dramas films you can watch on Zee5 while you’re at home. If the lockdown is making you feel sad and bitter, these films will definitely fill you with gratitude.

Directed by Ravi Jadhav, Nude is a 2018 film starring Kalyani Mulay and Chhaya Kadam in lead roles. It is a heart-wrenching story of Yamuna, a single mother who poses as a nude model to earn money for her son’s education. This critically acclaimed film also stars the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah in a special guest appearance. Surely not to be missed!

Watch the drama film Nude here.

2. Dombivali Fast

Dombivali Fast
Source: Zee5

Dombivali Fast is a drama starring Sandeep Kulkarni who plays the role of a common man living in the city of Dombivali. His fight to end the injustice in the system takes a toll on his mental health and becomes his breaking point. He decides to take the law in his own hands and goes on a rampage to make things right. The film will certainly make you gasp for breath as it’s fast-paced as the title suggests. Catch the tragic tale of Dombivali Fast here.

3. Anandi Gopal

A Still From Anandi Gopal
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Anandi Gopal is a biopic based on the life of the first female physician of India, Anandibai Joshi. The plot focusses more on the love story between Anandibai Joshi and her husband Gopal Joshi and their struggle against the society’s orthodox beliefs. Released in 2019, this drama film stars Lalit Prabhakar and Bhagyashree Milind in titular roles. You need to watch this biographical drama to get inspired to chase your dreams! Watch it here.

4. Katyar Kaljat Ghusali

Katyar Kaljat Ghusali movie poster
Katyar Kaljat Ghusali movie poster

Katyar Kaljat Ghusali is a musical drama featuring an ensemble of stars including Sachin Pilgaonkar, Shankar Mahadevan, Subodh Bhave, Amruta Khanvilkar and Mrunmayee Deshpande. The story revolves around two court singers and their quest to win the royal Katyar or dagger. The film, which is based on a play that goes by the same name, got critical appreciation from audiences across the world. The musical compositions in the film also became a talk of the town when the film had released in 2015. Certainly, a masterpiece that should be on your watch list! Stream it here.

5. Ventilator


Ventilator is a comedy-drama directed by Rajesh Mapuskar that revolves around the story of a joint family’s struggle to keep going when they find out that the head of their family is put on a ventilator. The film received widespread critical acclaim owing to the performances, the storyline, and the screenplay. It also features an ensemble cast of more than 100 actors including Ashutosh Gowarikar, Jitendra Joshi and Sukanya Mone. Watch the drama unfold here.

6. Yellow

Poster Of Yellow
Source: ZEE5

Released in the year 2014, Yellow is a Marathi drama starring Mrinal Kulkarni and Gauri Gadgil. The story revolves around Gauri, a child suffering from Down Syndrome and her struggle to become independent despite being disabled. The beautiful exploration of the mother-daughter relationship is the highlight of the film which received critical acclaim. Watch it here.

7. Naal

Poster Of Naal
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Last but surely not the least is the 2018 drama film Naal, starring Shrinivas Pokale and Nagraj Manjule. The film is about the story of Chaitanya and his experiences as a child. Chaitanya feels detached from his family once he realises a hidden truth about his life. The subtle portrayal of the mother-son relationship is the key highlight of the film, which is otherwise packed with hefty performances and stunning cinematic visuals. Watch the film here.

Watch the films listed above and tell us what you think in the comments section below. For more entertainment, check out the collection of Marathi TV Shows on ZEE5.

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