Omerta: All That You Wanted To Know About The Notorious Terrorist, Omar Saeed Sheikh

Know the real-life incidents and the story of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the militant behind the infamous Daniel Pearl Kidnapping case.

The story about Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh's life

Omerta starring Rajkummar Rao and streaming on ZEE5 is Hansal Mehta’s perception of the militant Omar Sheikh. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is one of the most infamous terrorists known to the world. But his story is one of tragedy. He turned from a genius and a scholar into a terror tyrant. The violent attacks and terror events with the motive of propagation of Islam is what the terrorist is known for. Omar Sheikh is also called a British militant as he was born on 23  December 1973 in London, England. The terror tyrant is known for the terror events of 9/11, Daniel Pearl Murder. Westerners Kidnapping Delhi and 26/11. Omar Sheikh was convicted of murder in the Daniel Pearl case and sentenced to death. But the conviction was overturned after Omar filed a plea. The case spun around after Khalid Sheikh Mohammad made a public admission of the murder.

1. Childhood

Omar Saeed Sheikh was born at London, England. His family owned a business in the textile industry. His parents Saeed and Qaissra had emigrated from Pakistan to London in the year 1968. Saeed went to the Forest School in London. Saaed’s family shifted to Pakistan for a brief period during his junior year at Aitchison college. Omar Sheikh learnt the art of boxing and turned towards sports to vent out his anger and violence. He was always dysfunctional and violent. He had punched a teacher in the face when he was only eight years old!

2. Adulthood

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Sheikh returned to London for college and enrolled in the London School Of Economics with subjects of economy, applied mathematics, psychology and statistics. Omar Sheikh never graduated. He dropped out of college in the first year itself and told his friends he was driving to Bosnia. He never returned. Sheikh is said to have become a part, an agent of the British Intelligence Agency. He later became a double agent and slowly a militant for Islamic Propagation.

3. Impact

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Omar Sheikh had an impact from an early age. He is said to have been a fan of Pakistan’s Islamist dictator General Zia-Ul-Haq during the school years. His stay at Pakistan at the boarding school for boys exposed him to various violent aspects. His interest in boxing and wrestling, visits to the brothel, and excitement about guns and warfare were absorbed during this phase.

4. Key Involvement

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Omar Sheikh played the most important role in the Westerners Kidnapping case of 1994. The abduction of three British Nationals and one American National lead Omar towards a sentence of imprisonment. He spent about five years in prison after the 1994 case. In that course, he read Hitler and Stalin’s biographies and was said to be very violent and abnormal in his behaviour. In 1999, the flight 814 of Indian Airlines was hijacked and the hijackers demanded the release of Omar Sheikh along with a few other militants. Apart from that, Omar Sheikh’s hoax calls from prison during 26/11 attacks and the money transfer for terror funds during 9/11 attacks also play an important role in his profile. Omar Sheikh was then taken into custody in 2002 for the murder of Daniel Pearl an investigative journalist.

5. Trivia

`Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Omar Saeed Sheikh’s imprisonment in the Daniel Pearl case was one of the major ones in history. As the case saw many twists. It began with Omar Sheikh’s statement which pointed towards him being the murderer. Then his plea in the higher court. And after that, the admission of Khalid Mohammad made it even more complicated. Recently, on April 2nd 2020, a higher court in Pakistan overturned the judgement on Omar Saeed Sheikh’s case and he was released from the prison.

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