Operation Parindey Review: Rahul Dev And Amit Sadh Shine In This Chilling Jailbreak Movie

This ZEE5 Original film covers #The24HourChase that followed the controversial Nabha jailbreak and how one of the heinous terrorists was tracked down.

Operation Parindey

With a new weekend of a new month, ZEE5 has brought forth another interesting watch to keep you entertained. On the first weekend of March, we dropped the ZEE5 Original Film, Operation Parindey, which has been helmed by Dhoom director Sanjay Gadhvi. The film stars Rahul Dev and Amit Sadh as the protagonists in the film. Operation Parindey explores or rather brings life to the infamous 2016 real-life jailbreak that took place in a maximum security prison in Punjab. The movie covers the chase that followed the controversial jailbreak and how one of the heinous terrorists was tracked down.

The film opens with four men seated in an SUV, asking one of their passengers to wear the cuffs properly and look like a criminal being taken into the prison. The SUV stands outside the maximum security prison in Nabha and starts honking relentlessly for attention at the gate. Finally, a policeman emerges from within the institute and gives them the gateway to enter the prison purely on the basis of their uniform. The following scene has the hooligans (or rather trained criminals) wreak havoc in the prison compound. They apprehend four gangsters but also pick up two terrorists in the process. A special task force is appointed with three officers who are put to work as one of the terrorists is probably planning to blow up one of the big cities of India.

In the initial few minutes of the film, one of the STF officers (Shreeni, played by Kunal Kumar) is seen asking the relevance of diverse parties teaming up. He says, “Sir ek confusion hai. Yeh kavvo ke saath kabutar kaise udd gaye?” (There is one confusion sir, how did some pigeons join forces with the crows to fly away?) This loosely translates to how a bunch of varied criminals have joined forces to escape. It is interesting to note how the conspiracy thickens as the task force realises that something wicked is set to happen if different parties are involved. What’s more striking is how even the ones who planned the escape didn’t expect the two terrorists to join them.

Amit Sadh in Operation Parindey still
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Rahul Dev plays Monty Singh, the formidable terrorist who has ties with the ISI and is one of the prominent militants from Punjab. He looks unrecognisable as the old man with a beard and a turban, who is respectfully called “Baba ji” not just by the prisoners but also by the cops. Not only is this scene placed in the film to emphasise the power of the criminal and his effect on the public but also showcases how it is easy to manipulate individuals in their most vulnerable state. Even the person responsible for ensuring that the prison break takes place doesn’t have an iota of a clue that he is freeing two terrorists as well.

Amit Sadh as STF officer Abhinav Mathur is quick and sharp. Much like how the escaped convicts have taken their time to work on their plan with some external support, Mathur is able to figure it all out in seconds. He plays a convincing role as he takes us through the whole jailbreak and how sometimes it is necessary to use brute strength to get the criminal talking. The thriller film certainly has what it takes to keep the audience entertained with its twists and turns. His team also includes Kunal Kumar (as Shreeni) and Ameet Gaurr (as Kartar). With Kunal’s technical deduction of the jailbreak and Ameet’s use of brute strength to intimidate the rearrested convict for more details, the trio certainly brings forth intriguing characters.

Due credits must be given to the helmer of the film, Sanjay Gadhvi. For the uninitiated, Sanjay Gadhvi is known for his directorial ventures, Dhoom and Dhoom 2. The filmmaker’s filmography is a testament to how he manages to ace the space of high octane chase thrillers. The duration of the film is less than an hour which makes it a quick watch. The production value of the set built is certainly done brilliantly as every setting looks accurate and authentic. Right from the prison in Nabha to the chase sequence on the railway tracks in Delhi, everything looks like it has been designed ideally to fit the premise of the film. Expect the Dhoom director to make the villains look cooler and that’s what Gadhvi gives us in Operation Parindey as well.

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