Pareeksha Teaser Review : Gives A Glimpse Of The Simple Joys Of Life

This Prakash Jha film is a brilliant story of dreams and hardships of a simple man whose only wish is to provide his son with the best education.

A Still from Pareeksha

The story of Buchi, a common man with a dream of making his son study in a CBSE school, Pareeksha is a beautiful, relatable movie that will easily touch your heart even with just a teaser. The plight of a rickshaw puller Buchi who values the education system, and hopes for the best school to send his son Bulbul to.

The teaser depicts a few of the many obstacles he has to cross, including the stigma of a common man like him to be able to send his son to such a prestigious English medium school. The movie in itself promises to advocate the wishes and complications of Buchi when it comes to simple day to day necessities like education, which many of us tend to take for granted.

You can watch the teaser here:

Adil Hussain effortlessly pulls off the role of the father Buchi, making us smile at the simple joys in his life, while also pushing us to hope for a better future for him and his son Bulbul. The role of Bulbul is played by Shubham, a child actor who has beautifully portrayed the desperation of a child wanting to study well while fending off his peers to force him to take part in games and avoid studying.

The teaser begins with Buchi singing his own version of nursery rhymes to children in English while dropping them off at a C.B.S.E. school. From there his wish is born to provide Bulbul similar education, trusting him to succeed in life. Although his wish is simple, various snarky comments and jokes are passed on him from his friends and society. This does nothing to deter him from his goal, and we see Bulbul’s family working extra hard to make their dreams come true. Directed by National award-winning director Prakash Jha, Pareeksha is certainly a deserving watch to make us connect with the simple joys of life and the importance of education in today’s time and age.

You can catch this movie only on ZEE5