Patalghar, Sudakshinar Saree: 11 Favourite Films That You Need To Watch This Week

We got you a list of movies like Patalghar and Hey Bhogoban that will complete your week. Check them out!

1. Patalghar

Cinephiles, take note! This is a compilation of films that are now streaming on the ZEE5 platform to elevate your entire week. This list, ranging from the classic Patalghar to more contemporary films like Hey Bhogoban, contains a diverse variety that will take you through different emotions and journeys while watching them, so be sure not to miss any! Read on to know what they are.

Patalghar is a science fiction film from 2013, starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Biplab Chatterjee, and Kharaj Mukherjee. Aghor Sen, a scientist invents a machine which can generate waves and put any sentient being to sleep. When he is dead, the instrument also gets lost. 150 years later, some goons and Dr Bhoothnath set out to search for it. To reach Patalghar where the instrument lies hidden, they must solve some riddles. Will they be able to reach Patalghar? Or will they need help from an external source?

2. Hey Bhogoban

Hey Bhogoban is a Bengali comedy starring Saurav Das, Rupsha Chakraborty, and Arindam Ganguly. The film revolves around Simpi, a young woman, who nurses a grudge against God after losing her parents in her childhood. However, despite being an atheist, she resorts to performing Pujas as a means to earn her livelihood. To turn Simpi into a believer, Krishna, the chief among gods, sends his assistant Madan, the god of love. What ensues next is a hilarious chain of events that help a god and a human being bond and find new meaning in their existence.

3. Sudakshinar Saree

Sudakshinar Saree is a 2020 Bangla drama movie starring Sreelekha Mitra and Badshah Moitra. Set in the backdrop of a patriarchal Bengali household, the movie is about Sudakshina, a homemaker, who develops a passion for collecting sarees. A sudden encounter with an old friend, Anirban, changes her life. Watch to find out what happens.

4. Tui Amar Hero

Tui Amar Hero is a romantic movie starring Priyanka Rati Pal and Joey Debroy. Vicky and Piya live in the same neighbourhood, but their personalities and thinking are poles apart. When Piya’s fiancé ditches her on the day of their wedding, Vicky enters her life as a breath of fresh air. Is Vicky the hero that Piya has been waiting for?

5. Phoring

Phoring is a coming-of-age film from 2013 directed by Indranil Roychowdhury, starring Akash Adhikari, Sohini Sarkar, Sourav Basak, and Sankar Debnath. It is about a young boy called Phoring, who is facing a lot of difficult struggles in his life. His teacher, Doel, helps him a lot until he learns to cope. Suddenly, however, she disappears, and Phoring sets out to look for her.

6. Byomkesh Bakshi Kohen Kobi Kalidas

Byomkesh Bakshi Kohen Kobi Kalidas is a 2015 crime drama starring Jisshu Sengupta, Saswata Chatterjee, Ushasi Chakraborty, and Kaushik Sen. A small coalfield town is plagued with a series of unexplained troubles. The coalfield’s owner seeks Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’s help to find the cause of these strange issues. Byomkesh and his confidante Ajit reach the town to find a maze of crimes spun around a violent murder.

7. Ganesh Talkies

Ganesh Talkies is a 2013 drama film starring Biswajit Chakraborty, Rajesh Sharma, Raima Sen, and Chandan Roy Sanyal. Two childhood friends, Pashupati Ghosh and Pravin Agarwal, live in the older part of Kolkata. With his business not performing well, Pasupati’s only wealth lies in his ancestral house. A local builder eyes this property and tries to get it vacated forcibly. Will Pravin be able to help Pashupati?

8. Bhengchi

Bhengchi is a 2015 horror comedy starring Koushik Sen, Aparajita Ghosh Das, and Amrita Chattopadhyay. The story revolves around Anirban and Malabika, a married couple. Anirban is having an extra-marital affair with Aleya and decides to murder Malabika, so that he can live peacefully with Aleya. However, Malabika’s ghost returns to seek vengeance and makes life hell for Anirban.

9. Jamai Elo Ghare

After marrying off his daughter, Dibyakanti now wishes to live the rest of his retired life practicing his hobbies. His plans go for a toss when his son-in-law, Palash, decides to come and stay with him. Soon, Palash takes over Dibyakanti’s favourite armchair, his shoes, and even his television! With Palash not showing any signs of leaving anytime, Dibyakanti takes it upon himself to try and teach him a lesson so that he can be left alone. Watch to find out how his plan plays out!

10. Ekchakra

Ekchakra is a 2019 action drama film starring Priyanka Rati Pal, Indrasish Roy, Sugato Roy, and Garima Ghosh. When Zoya Rehman, a brave female police officer, gets transferred to a village called Ekchakra, she discovers that the village is a gateway for sex trafficking. Zoya sets out to expose Bakrakshas, a powerful criminal who heads the trafficking mafia. Will she succeed?

11. Body Massage

Body Massage is a short film starring Riddhi Sen and Satarupa Pyne. Chandan comes across the seductive poster of a massage parlour and starts lusting after the beautiful and sensuous model in it. A few days later, the same girl comes to live as a paying guest at Chandan’s house. Will Chandan’s desires be fulfilled or will he discover a shocking truth? Find out by watching the film!

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