Phone-a-Friend Music Review: A Mixed Bag Of Breezy Emotional Songs

Enjoy four amazing songs from the ZEE5 Original series starring Swati Kapoor, Mantra and Akhlaque Khan.

ZEE5 Original series Phone-a-Friend music review

Phone-a-Friend Music Review
Phone-a-Friend Music Review

A mirror of the true state of love and relationships in modern times, the ZEE5 Original science-fiction romantic-comedy series Phone-a-Friend takes you on the journey of Varun Pandya (Akhlaque Khan) and Jiya Jaising (Swati Kapoor). They meet each other through a telephonic friend Leonardo, voiced by actor and RJ, Mantra. Friendship takes the face of love when their bond comes out of the phone in person. Their chemistry and romance are translated through the soundtrack of the series. Watch the music videos of the versatile melodies here:

1. Phone-a-Friend Title Track

Akhlaque Khan, the lead actor who essays Varun Pandya, turned lyricist for the title track of Phone-a-Friend. Besides him, it is also penned by Somraj Ganguli and Tuhin Chongder. The duo has also composed the song, which is sung by Suraj Jaggan. Giving out western vibes, the song slightly inclines towards the soft-rock genre. Shot through Varun’s perspective, it will definitely have you tapping your foot to its peppy yet smooth beats.

2. Sitaron Se

A romantic melody, Sitaron Se is the perfect song to celebrate your partner. Through this number, Varun and Jiya seal their relationship and make it official. Pleasing to your ears, and eyes, its composition is subtle and scintillating by Tuhin Chongder, Somraj Ganguli and Allyson Patel, who is also the director of the series. Raghav Chaitanya has lent his soulful voice to the song, that is heart-warming and apt to propose to your beloved with!

3. Kyun Hua

Every heartbroken human will relate hard to the ballad, Kyun Hua. Beginning with Mandira Karmakar’s sensuous tonality, the song questions god about Varun and Jiya’s breakup. Don’t be surprised if tears roll down your cheeks listening to Raghav Chaitanya’s vocals. Its lyrics, written by Mandira, Akhlaque and Tuhin Chongder, will hit you right in the feels. Tuhin has composed the melancholic melody with Somraj Ganguli.

4. Dheeme Dheeme Se

Do you want to experience a major throwback to your first love? You should definitely listen to Dheeme Dheeme Se, a song that sums up the fresh feelings of attraction towards your crush or partner, it might just remind you of the time when you had butterflies fluttering in your tummy at the sight of them. Mandira Karmakar and Raghav Chaitanya’s voices compliment each other, just as Varun and Jiya do in their new relationship. Lead actor, Akhlaque has penned the sweet lyrics, while Tuhin Chongder and Somraj Ganguli have composed the chirpy tune.

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