Phone-A-Friend Review: This Sci-Fi Rom-Com Series Will Give You A Lesson In Friendship!

"Phone-A-Friend: Coz phones are our new best friends" is a ZEE5 Original web series with a unique concept and great performances. Read on for a review

phone a friend

Phone-A-Friend is a ZEE5 Original sci-fi rom-com series which features RJ Mantra, Swati Kapoor, and Akhlaque Khan in lead roles. The series premiered on 7 April 2020 and is streaming on the ZEE5 platform. The story of the show revolves around a phone talking to its owner and making his life better. The comedy series is directed by Allyson Patel and Yash Dave.

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The first episode of Phone-A-Friend starts with Akhlaque Khan who is seen essaying the role of Varun Pandya, a self-conscious, lonely, sex-deprived college professor who envies people’s updates on social media. Varun is shown as the guy who stalks his colleague on WhatsApp and even fantasises about her at times. Varun’s mother finds her son hopeless and does not think highly of him. Varun is an underachiever and wants to be a stand-up comedian in life, but he is scared to pursue it as his passion.

One fine day, when Varun is in deep sleep, his cellphone starts talking to him. Varun is shell shocked and does not believe it at first. Varun’s cell phone makes his owner believe by giving out secret information about him. At first, Varun feels he is hallucinating, but later he realizes that he has found a new artificial intelligence that calls itself Leonardo. Leonardo tells Varun that all cellphones are conscious and can communicate with each other, but they have not revealed this as they know how insecure the human race is. Leonardo further tells Varun that humans will destroy the planet with the use of technology. Leonardo tells Varun that this is a test run where the cellphones communicate with selected individuals from across the world and study their reactions. He tells Varun that they aim to understand the whimsical ways of the species and to know why the human race is built on two emotions, love and hate.

With Leonardo’s entry, Varun’s life takes a complete U-turn. Leonardo helps Varun to be a better person and improves his style and online profile. Leonardo plays other people’s conversations for Varun and makes him realise what they think about him. Within no time, Varun and Leonardo become best friends. Leonardo tracks Jiya Jaising (Swati Kapoor), who is Varun’s childhood crush. Leonardo starts talking to Jiya as Varun and fixes a date with her. Jiya is shown as an environmentalist and after going to date she starts liking Varun. By the end of the episode, one does not understand who Jiya truly likes – Varun or Leonardo, who talks to her being Varun. Jiya often finds Varun quite different when she meets him and tells him that on the call he is a different person.

One day, Leonardo tells Varun that he will reveal his true identity in front of Jiya. Varun feels threatened and starts insulting Leonardo. Leonardo creates misunderstandings between Varun and Jiya. Varun talks to Jiya about Leonardo but the latter does not believe him. What will happen next, will Varun be able to solve misunderstandings between him and Jiya? Will he be able to pursue his passion of becoming a stand-up comedian? Will things get sorted out between Varun and Leonardo? Watch the series to get all your unanswered questions.

The series reminded us of Karthik Calling Karthik which had a similar concept. But this new ZEE5 original series showcases us the reality that life without a cellphone especially in today’s era is next to impossible. Nowadays, people are more concerned about what is going on in another person’s life rather than being happy with themselves. Constant comparing, an increase in competition has made human life difficult. Leonardo comes as a breath of fresh air who makes everyone realize that life is beautiful and humans have made it complicated. On the other hand, Varun’s dialogue was creepy but his life takes a U-turn with the entry of Leonardo. Actor Akhlaque Khan and Swati Kapoor’s love story was interesting to watch. The actors gave a brilliant performance as Varun and Jiya. But what stole our hearts was Varun and Leonardo’s inseparable bond. As Varun and Leonardo’s bond broke due to sheer misunderstanding, our hearst ached at their separation. A friend in need is a friend in need – in this series, Leonardo and Varun have taught us the importance of the bond of friendship.

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