Missing Your Pals During Social Distancing? 5 Films On Friendship That’ll Cheer You Up

Here are movies based on friendship that you can binge-watch to feel better if you are missing your friends during social distancing. List inside!

1. Looose Control

Looose Control is an adult comedy starring Akshay Mhatre, Manmeet Pem, Shashikant Kerkar, Bhau Kadam, Kushal Badrike, Shashank Shende, Aarti Solanki and Namrata Awate. The movie revolves around the life of engineering students who are desperate to pass their exams at any cost. They decide to make a sex-tape and use the money earned to bribe the authorities at the college, in exchange for the question papers. However, things get out of control and the youngsters go through a roller coaster ride packed with problematic situations. This movie will surely take you back to the lovely mischievous college days that you cherished with your buddies.

2. Boyz