Pipsi, Naal, Hampi: Life Lessons We Can Learn From These 5 Films To Cope With The Pandemic

From living life to the fullest to valuing money, these Marathi films carry important messages that we can apply to overcome these trying times.

1. Pipsi- teaches the importance of saving water

No longer can we step out to chill with friends, have a quick meal at a restaurant, or take a casual walk in the park. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay holed up at home and pray for a brighter future. However, instead of cursing the trying times, we can learn something valuable from it. This is our chance to be more grateful, value the luxuries we have and respect our health as well as the environment. Certain Marathi films highlight the same and today, we take a look at some important life lessons that we can take away from them. We start the list with Pipsi.

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Pipsi starring Sahil Joshi and Maithili Patwardhan tells the tale of two kids- Balu and Chaani- who go to great lengths to save the latter’s ailing mother. The duo comes across a story of a dying king, who is able to save himself by restoring his spirit inside a fish. As a result, Chaani and Balu start believing that if they are able to keep a fish alive forever, they will be able to save the former’s mother. However, the dilemma is that the village they reside in is experiencing an acute water shortage. Therefore they struggle to find enough water to keep the fish breathing.

The film cleverly sheds light on the water crisis in India through an emotional plotline. It also makes viewers understand the repercussions that can arise with wastage of water. Given the current pandemic where we are expected to repeatedly wash our hands for 20 seconds as a precautionary measure, saving water is of utmost importance. Hence, don’t keep the tap running when cleaning your hands. The last thing we need is another crisis amidst an ongoing one. Right?

2. Hampi- teaches the importance of living life in the moment

Starring Sonalee Kulkarni and Lalit Prabhakar, Hampi is a spiritual film that has the ability to change your perspective towards life. Isha (Sonalee) is a troubled girl who travels to Hampi-an ancient village in Karnataka- to seek solace and answers to some pressing questions. There, she meets Kabir, a philosophical lad who encourages her to live in the present and enjoy every moment. This is an extremely important takeaway from the film, given the current situation. It’s easy to lose hope and let negative thoughts overcome us, amidst the ongoing lockdown. However, Hampi is a reminder to be grateful for whatever we have and take life as it comes. Once we start viewing things this way, it would become easier for everyone to cope with the trying times. Agreed?

3. Naal- teaches the importance of valuing relationships

What’s keeping us going in these grim times is the valuable relationships that we share with our loved ones. A cup of tea made by Mom, a video call with the girl gang, a game of Ludo with cousins- the simplest of things are keeping us sane, thanks to the love that we are surrounded with. Wouldn’t you say so? Naal is a film that recognises the importance of such intimate relationships, all too well. Starring Shrinivas Pokale and Nagraj Manjule, the film tells the story of a boy Chaitya, who discovers that his birth mother is someone else and not the woman he has spent nine years of his life with. As a result, he sets out to find his real mother, only to be rejected by her and realise that the woman back home is the one who truly desires and loves him. Life is unpredictable and hence Naal teaches us to embrace and value the equations that we share with our family, friends, etc.

4. Vazandar - teaches the importance of taking care of our health

The size of your waist doesn’t define your self worth and Vazandar makes this clear. Starring powerhouses of talent- Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat- this film tells the tale of two besties Kaveri (Sai) and Pooja (Priya) who are overweight and set out on a mission to get back in shape. While the message of the film is that one must love themselves no matter what size they are, what we can take away from it is the importance of keeping fit. It is vital to keep our health in check, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Two sure short ways of boosting immunity include eating healthy and exercising. We see Kaveri and Pooja doing both in order to shed their extra kilos. However, fitness is not about losing weight but achieving overall well-being both mentally and physically. Agreed?

5. Nashibvaan- teaches the importance of valuing money

With world economies witnessing a downfall due to the pandemic, utilising money wisely is essential in these tough times. Nashibvaan starring Chala Hawa Yeu Dya actor Bhau Kadam sheds light on the importance of valuing money. It tells the story of Babanrao, a sweeper, who comes into a lot of money by accident and lets his greed get the better of him. We see him indulging in senseless expenses just because he can afford to. Babanrao doesn’t understand the concept of saving money and soon repents when trouble comes knocking on his door. We need to be wise about money in the current situation to fend for ourselves and our loved ones. Our lust for fancy clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., can wait.

What other films do you think, preach important lessons that we can learn and use in these current times? Comment below!

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