Pixy Dragon, Simba The King Lion: Top 10 Things To Watch From The Latest On ZEE5 Kids

Go on an adventure with these animated shows and movies that kids will especially enjoy!

1. Pixy Dragon

Kids and adults can rejoice, because ZEE5 Kids has added an exciting array of animated shows and movies to the platform that you will have a lot of fun watching over the next few weeks. We got you a list of some of the latest content that is now streaming, so sit back and catch up! Scroll down to read on.

When two young dragons set their sights on winning Pixy Dragon Town’s fire-spewing contest, they accidentally put their peaceful town in danger by incurring the wrath of a ferocious fire-breathing dragon known as Lacerta. What will they do now? Find out by watching Pixy Dragon!

2. Simba The King Lion

The Lion King is shot by poachers, as part of Sher Khan’s plot to overthrow the king from his throne. Young Simba, son of the Lion King, suspects something strange and subconsciously senses that the Tiger will one day be his greatest enemy. Follow Simba and his friends and join them in their adventures in Simba The King Lion.

3. Dance

Join Kibit and his friends as they dance to kids’ favourite sing-a-longs like Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle and more. Kids of all ages will love to dance along and have fun as they watch beavers, frogs, bees, bunnies, and other amazing creatures show off their dance skills in this delightful show.

4. The Funny Life Of Pets

Catnip Everdeen and Ryan Fleacrest take you on a whirlpool of a ride into The Funny Lives Of Pets. Meet the funniest dogs and cats in the world in this collection of pet video clips that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

5. Crazy Candies

In the midst of an ordinary life in Magic Dream Jar, the extraordinary happens because of Marshyo and his best friend Jacky. The two inseparable friends go to school together, work in the Bao house together and share their problems with each other in this adorable show.

6. Doggy Day School

Doggy Day School centres around all the dogs that go to this school for our furry friends. In the first episode, the usually irrepressible Lucas is having a bad day. He inadvertently breaks a water dish and then accidentally puts his paw in a pail of paint and leaves red paw prints all over the daycare. Lucas slinks off into a corner and wishes he wasn’t so clumsy!

7. The Three Musketeers

This animated movie available in Hindi is an adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Dumas. The Three Muskeeteers is about Cardinal Richelieu and Milady as they team up against the King’s Musketeers in 17th century France. Full of action and history, this intriguing film is a must watch!

8. Tyon & Taekwon Heroes

Tyon & Taekwon Heroes is an animated adventure show for kids, now streaming in Hindi. With the power of Taekwondo, four children defeat an evil monster and save the world! These four protagonists represent the four powers of nature – wind (Dragon), fire (Phoenix), water (Turtle), and earth (Tiger).

9. Gattu The Power Champ

Gattu and his friends resolve all their crises with wisdom, courage, and love. Brimming with fun and laughter, this series will be really appreciated by kids and their parents alike. In the first episode of the latest season, an evil power called Oblivion has arrived. The evil power that Oblivion Warriors use sweep away victims’ dream and make people become numb puppets. To repel such disaster, Gattu and his pals spare no efforts to restore the G-Watch.

10. The Prince Of Dinosaurs

In the animated film, The Prince Of Dinosaurs, Prince Rakhal and his five dinosaur friends save the helpless Princess Aura from a wicked countess. Will they succeed in their noble quest? Find out by watching! Available in Hindi, this film will take you on a fantastic journey full of wonders and magic.

Which of these kids’ shows on ZEE5 did you enjoy the most? Tell us with your comment below.

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