Police Diary 2.0 Episode 3&4 Review: Director Danush Brings Your Worst Nightmare Alive

Check out our review of the second episode of Police Diary 2.0.

Police Diary

Whether or not your child reaches school safely is something that gives you a lot of anxiety, especially if you have read about kidnapping or other kinds of crime in the city. The second story from Police Diary 2.0 revolves around one of your biggest fears – what if your child gets kidnapped or sexually harassed? It also highlights, on some level, the importance of raising a kid who is well-aware and not too trusting. The second story has been directed by Danush and he has done a wonderful job of making the episodes as relatable as possible.

Watch the trailer of Police Diary 2.0 here.

The show focuses on educating the audience on the number and type of crimes that takes place without their knowledge. It also shows the cops’ side of the story and how they go about bringing these criminals to justice. The recent episode had two drivers kidnapping a teenage girl and her brother. This story is every parent’s nightmare you won’t even blink when you are watching the episode. It’s gripping, intriguing and has a very satisfying end. The cast has also done complete justice to their roles and the story.

The speciality about the second season of Police Diary is that every story has been directed by someone different and these are also incidents that have happened in the city quite recently. It makes you more aware of the kind of society you live in and things you must do to ensure safety of your loved ones.

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