Police Diary 2.0 Ep 5&6 Review: A Tale Of Horror From The Film Industry

Check out our review of the recent story of Police Diary 2.0, directed by Rajaganeshan.

Police Diary

This week’s story on Police Diary 2.0 opened with a bunch of kids finding a severed hand in a garbage dump. The police were shocked to know that the media knows about the case much before them. While trying to find more evidence and the murderer in the process, the police are left with more puzzles as the murderer himself turns up challenging them.

Watch the trailer of Police Diary 2.0 here!

Rajaganeshan has written and directed the story. For everyone who has been following the second season of Police Diary, you would know by now that every story has been directed by different directors. This one comes with a lot of twists and turns. It’s not for the weak-hearted but it’s also an important episode to watch just like the previous ones. The dialogues, the scenes, the diverse relationships and the emotions that come with it are so real.

The scenes might seem a tad graphic for your taste but they fit perfectly into the screenplay. The primary female character marries a writer/director since she thinks it’s the only way she can become an actress. Things take an ugly turn when jealousy and greed kick in. The director has kept the intrigue intact throughout the episode and though it might seem like there are too many twists and turns in the story, it only makes the episode more interesting and real. We’re eagerly waiting for the next story.

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