Police Diary 2.0 Episode 7&8 Review: This Murder Mystery Will Give You Sleepless Nights

Check out our review of this week's story on Police Diary 2.0.

Have you ever come across stories where the victim ends up being the main culprit? In this twisted and shocking story about one person’s unending blood lust, and normal lust, that makes the person cross all limits of humanity. Directed by R Pavan, this one has a very surprising climax. The director has maintained the suspense around the case till the very end. You go through a different set of emotions when you read about such cases in the paper but showing these crimes in a series is actually very challenging.

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This week’s story revolves around Priya, a housewife with two kids and a loving husband, who gets hits on by several other men and is always mistreated by them verbally. The police come across the case when Feroz finds a dead body in a hotel, of a woman who has committed suicide. The case takes lots of twists and turns. You cannot just shut the app and get on with life after the first episode of the story, titled Kallachiripazhagi. You will want to watch the second episode immediately because the first one ends with a cliffhanger. We’re not going to give you any spoilers of sorts here.

R Pavan has also managed to add humour whenever he has found the window for it while making sure that it doesn’t come off as insensitive or unnecessary. The story is gripping, intriguing and there are bits that are really shocking. Despite there being a few continuity issues in the incidents, the director makes up for it by adding a twist that will make you forget about it. This one really focuses on the predator-ish behaviour that not only exists in some men but some women, too.

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