Police Diary 2.0 Is A Compelling Crime Drama That Must Be On Your Binge-Watch List

If you’re looking for something gritty and hard hitting, then this show must be on your priority list.

Police Diary 2.0 is a ZEE5 original that stars Vincent Asokan, Anjana Jayaprakash and Balaji Mohan. Based on a true story, this thrilling series revolves around a couple in the special task force that is set out to investigate the city’s most dangerous and monstrous crimes. Here’s what makes it a must-watch! 

Addresses Relevant Issues

It addresses issues that are relevant today by not only showing the true picture of how the underworld works but also creating awareness with regard to the same.

Teaches Audience Essential Lessons

The show through its plotline teaches the audience to confront such complex and intimidating situations thereby telling them how to protect themselves during a crisis. The audience is also able to get a clearer picture of the crimes that take place in and around their surroundings. It trains them to be more mindful and aware in their day-to-day life.

A still from Police Diary 2.0
A still from Police Diary 2.0

A Gripping Opening Scene

What you see above is a daunting image from an extended rape scene that the viewers are naturally not prepared for. The scene opens with a man who rapes his domestic help in an abandoned building. What really sticks is the fact that we hear the woman cry for help while a bunch of men and women sit at the other end unable to react to the crying woman.

Strong Plot Line

Speaking of the story, the suspense factor of the series is what keeps us at the edge of our seats. For instance, an interesting angle given to the first episode is the chase scene where the woman chases the rapist while being bent upon punishing him for destroying her life. She serves as a source of inspiration to the women out there by sending out a strong message of not giving up and fighting evil men.

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