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Will the new character played by actor Vidya Malavade manage to get the better of Kaali? Vote and share your thoughts now!

The next season of the hit ZEE5 Original series Kaali is coming on the platform on May 29, and we just can’t wait till we can finally watch what happens next. Starring Paoli Dam as Kaali, the lead character who plays the role of a desperate, helpless yet extremely brave mother trying to save her son’s life, Kaali is an action-packed thriller that had us hooked.

Watch this episode of the story so far from the first season:

Kaali 2 looks even bigger, better and more exciting than its first season, with the addition of several new elements and characters. Along with Paoli Dam, we see Vidya Malavade as Officer Gupta, and Chandan Roy Sanyal as Swapan, an underworld don on a wheelchair. In the first season, we see Kaali turn to dangerous crime as a last resort to muster up the exorbitant amount of Rs 6 lakhs required for her son’s surgery.

Kaali 2
Vidya Malavade as Officer Gupta (Source: ZEE5)

Kaali races against time and fate and risks her own life in order to save her son’s. She brushes against the law, but manages to evade their clutches with her extreme antics and sharp wits. However, with the introduction of Officer Gupta in Kaali 2, we are now faced with several questions. Officer Gupta seems to be an extremely smart lady who is rather proficient at her job. Her character too, seems to be a pivotal one, and the fate of Kaali may quite possibly hinge on her abilities! Actor Vidya Malavade is known for her physical flexibility and fitness, and apparently her role in the series demands a lot of these skills too! She is just as mentally adept as Kaali too, and we cannot stop thinking about how this might play out.

Kaali 2
Paoli Dam as Kaali (Source: ZEE5)

Both Kaali and Officer Gupta are wily, brave, and ready to make the sacrifices that will allow them to succeed at what they have set out to do, and this is definitely going to prove to be a conflict of interests! Director Rohan Ghosh told ZEE5 in an exclusive interview that he had wanted another character who is a woman who will be able to understand the workings of Kaali’s mind better, being one herself. It is true that only another woman who is as sharp and daring as Kaali will be able to match up to her, and this brings us back to the rather pressing question.

Will Officer Gupta be Kaali’s nemesis? Will Kaali get caught and arrested by her? Vote now and tell us what you think!

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