Postman Episode 10 Written Update: Raja Helps Daughter Rajini Find Her Biological Parents

Raja takes Rajini to her parents' house. On learning the truth, will Rajini leave Raja and stay with her biological parents forever? Read the update.


In the previous episode of Postman, citing the ‘Thirukural’ poem as an example, a man explains to his four sons the philosophy of not desiring another person’s possessions, back in 1995. In the present time, Raja and Rajini, plan to drop a letter to Mr. Sakthivel. When they reach the address, they meet Mr. Rajavel and ask for Mr. Sakthivel. Both are brothers. Rajavel lies to them that Sakthivel has passed away in order to get possession of the letter. When Rajini asks Rajavel about the contents of the letter, he asks them to leave. The following day, Rajavel’s wife meets Raja and Rajini and reveals that the letter is a code to a treasure left by Rajavel and Sakthivel’s father.

She also reveals the reason behind Rajavel receiving the letter that was addressed to his brother. She then tells them that Sakthivel is still alive. So, Rajini and Raja set out on a path to find Mr. Sakthivel. After finding him, they get Rajavel arrested and help Sakthivel get his treasure. Later, Raja tries to tell Rajini about her parents, however, he finds out something shocking and falls unconscious.

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In the tenth episode, Rajini and Raja have finished delivering all the nine letters but the duo still needs to resolve a mystery from one of the letters. Meanwhile, Raja also has to find Rajini’s biological parents as promised to her. When he tries to do this, it turns out to be the most emotional moment for Rajini. Raja watches TV and learns that Rajini’s parents are none other than Vishal, to whom he delivered the eighth letter. Despite knowing the truth about Rajini’s parents, Raja hides it from her and tells her that he has a surprise for her. The next morning Rajini forces Raja to tell her about her parents, he takes her to Vishal’s house. On reaching their house, Vishal’s wife thanks Rajini and Raja for their help as without them Vishal and she would have never been reunited.

Also, Vishal expresses his desire to write a book on Raja and Rajini and their story about all the nine letters. Both agree to it. As it is Rajini’s birthday post 12am Raja takes her downstairs to cut her birthday cake and leaves an envelope behind. When Vishal and his wife open it, they realise that Rajini is their missing daughter. They then join her for her birthday celebration and also reveal the truth to Rajini. They all get emotional. Raja, who is finished with all his responsibilities, leaves. The next morning when he wakes up, Rajini serves him tea. Raja asks her why has she come back. Rajini answers his question with another question. She asks him if he really thought that she would leave him for good? What do you think? Has Rajini come back for good? Watch the last episode on ZEE5!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Postman. The story revolves around Raja, a postman and possibly the biggest fan of Rajinikanth, who leads a happy life with his daughter. However, on a tragic day, with nine letters yet to be delivered, Raja meets with an accident and slips into a coma. The series of events that take place when he tries to deliver these letters 23 years later forms the crux of the story.

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