Postman Episode 8 Written Update: Ibrahim Meets His Long Lost Friend Ravishankar

In the eighth episode of Postman, Raja delivers a letter that reunites two childhood friends.


Previously on Postman, Raja and Rajini deliver a letter to Vishal who is still searching for his wife. Vishal gets angry when he finds that the letter written to him 23 years ago is from his wife. He tells the father-daughter duo that his wife was taken away from him from her family who was opposed to their inter-caste marriage.

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Rajani and Raja accompany Vishal as he leaves for Coimbatore to find his wife and daughter. Raja apologises to Vishal’s wife as soon as he meets her for not delivering the letter on time and offers to help them find their lost daughter. Rajini and Raja are delighted as the couple reunite after 23 long years.

On the eighth episode of Postman, we see two best friends, Ibrahim and Ravishankar separated in their childhood as one of them leaves for Pakistan. In the present Raja and Rajani are amused to find a letter written from Pakistan and they decide to deliver it to Ravishankar.

When they find Ravishankar, they are surprised to see him old and helpless. They also realise that Ravishankar’s family treats him badly after talking to his grandson’s wife. The duo gets in touch with him with the lady’s help and tells him about the letter. Ravishankar gets emotional when he learns that the letter is from his long-lost friend Ibrahim. He tells the duo that his friend must have been dead by now due to his smoking habits.

The duo offer to help Ravishankar in finding more about Ibrahim if he is still alive. Rajini takes a video of Ravishankar sending out a message to Ibrahim and shares it on social media. As the video gets viral, Rajini gets a call from a man named Sulaiman from Rawalpindi who watches the video online. The man tells her that he is coming to India with his great grandfather Ibrahim to meet Ravishankar. As Ibrahim reaches India he embraces Ravishankar, both of them cry as they recognise each other after so many years. What adventures hold the next letter? Stay tuned to find out!

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