Priya Bapat Shows Us Office Makeup Looks That Are A Big Sell Out!

The Kaksparsh actress inspires us to put the best foot forward during our 9 to 5 days!

1. Unleash your bronzers

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This blaring heat and humidity get the best of us. These factors make sure by the time we reach our office, our #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) is drenched in litres of sweat. Can’t we all relate to this situation, ladies?  However, our favourite Marathi film actress, Priya Bapat from Kaksparsh, shows us how to keep our makeup simple and hassle-free. With these looks, you can do your everyday office makeup quicker than making Maggi.

You could start by playing with bronzers to highlight your cheekbones to get a more sculpted look. You can enhance your eyebrows with brow pencils to make it prominent.  You funda is to keep it as simple as possible.

Before you proceed further, watch Kaksparsh:

2.  Get your eyes on point!

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If you wear glasses, highlight your eyes by applying kajal on your upper lash line. This helps in making your eye look bigger.

3. Wingin’ it

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Sitting under air condition, you don’t want to cake your face with too much makeup. You can tie your hair in a messy bun and highlight your eyes with a winged eyeliner. Finally, dab concealer some to cover your dark circles, that’s all you need.

4. Pink and nudes to the rescue

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Here, you can enhance your eyebrows with a brow gel and pencil. Add light pink or nude to your lips along with that define your eyes with a line of kajal.

5. Hey! bold lippies

Kaksparsh actress Priya Bapat
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On special occasions in office, don’t be afraid of the bold lippies. They are the best way to add drama to your face. Usually shades of red, burgundy and fuchsia can do major good irrespective of your skin shade.

Which of the above makeup tricks are you going to apply? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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