Priyadarshi, Shashank, And The Team Of ZEE5 Loser Share Their Experiences At Success Meet

Following the grand success of ZEE5 Original Loser, the cast and crew of the show came together on a video conference and shared their experiences.

Pallavi and Suri in Loser

ZEE5 Loser is the last original show to have launched on the platform. Starring Priyadarshi, Shashank and several other loved actors, the web-series is a 10-episode sports-drama directed by Abhilash Reddy. As unusual as the show seemed to be, its success has been roaring loud and clear. Almost a month post its release, the technical team recently met up with the cast over a video conference to celebrate the success.

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The host, Bhargavi, opened the conversation by asking Abhilash about the genesis of Loser. He went on to explain the story of his friend, who was a rifle shooter himself, and how it inspired him to pen down the script. When Priyadarshi was asked about his journey, he said, “I think the script was my bible and the writers were my guiding lights. Mr Neelakanth helped me with the rifle shooting.”

Priyadarshi agreed to be insecure about playing Suri’s role, “Definitely. Prasad garu told me, ‘listen to it Darshi, it’s good.’ I’ve never played anything close to rifle shooter. I was scared of how I could transform like Suri.” Addressing the newest win, the actor congratulated Prasad Nimmakayla on becoming the official South Head of ZEE5.

Suri In Loser
Suri In Loser

Moving on to Shashank, the host asked about his journey. He said, “I had to do a lot for Wilson. But Abhilash brings a lot of clarity and just following him is enough. Mr Chandra plays the badminton coach on-screen. And he was the cricket coach for me, off-screen. Thanks to him for the tips and tricks. Even the look was contrasting. I had to reduce eight kgs for the younger Wilson and put on about 20 kgs for the older one.”

“But with the success and the acclaim, nothing matters. The technical team and the audience are the real winners, we are just enjoying the success. Abhilash can come up with more challenges, I am ready.”, Shashank further added. Next up, Annie took the dais and shared her story. She expressed, “The one thing that connected me instantly with the script, when Abhilash Anna narrated, was the fact that I was to play for India, my country.

Annie as Ruby Shabana in Loser
Annie as Ruby Shabana in Loser

“This is my first web-series, and I am glad it was with Abhilash Anna and the team. Girls are messaging me on Instagram, telling me that they wanted to do something like that in their life. They’re telling me that they can see themselves in Ruby. A lot of people are taking hope, and believing themselves after watching Loser. I think that’s our success.”, concluded Annie before leaving.

Further, Kalpika Ganesh said, “It’s all about hope. Women actually go through a lot of hurdles. They should be confident, which will give them the motivation to speak up for themselves. Ruby’s character has been that for Suri. A lot of women, especially athletes, are telling me that they faced similar situations as Ruby and had to give up their careers. I think that’s the best part of our series. We could co-relate it to real incidents. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s all about being in the game.”

Kalpika Ganesh as Ruby Shabana in Loser
Kalpika Ganesh as Ruby Shabana in Loser

The actor also said, “My character deals with marital rape, so it was tricky for me to take it up right away. But when Abhilash explained the pattern and the storyline, I felt I was speaking up for a lot of women who are going through the same. I felt a responsibility indirectly and I felt I should speak up for them. That’s the best part of being an actor. That’s how I took it up.”

Pavani who plays Suri’s love interest said, “Pallavi is a bit like me. She’s soft, but she can be sturdy when the time comes. My close friend told me something that she faced 15 years ago, only after watching the show.” When asked for an unforgettable moment, she said, “I really slapped Viren Sir in the scene. I am really sorry about that Viren Sir.”

Pallavi and Wilson in Loser
Pallavi and Wilson in Loser

Finally, Komali Prasad spoke about her experience. “I can sum up my experience. After Loser, Komali has become Asha. Initially, I was hesitant, but Abhilash was very confident about me. I think every woman in Loser has been written very beautifully. That is the beauty of Abhilash, Shravan and Sai Bharadwaj. I think a lot of women are like Asha, they find their happiness in their husbands’ happiness. I feel privileged to have played the voice of such women.”

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