Priyadarshi, Shashank And Team Loser Talk About Their Show At The ZEE5 May Calendar Launch

The lead actors of ZEE5 Original Loser and its director sit down to have a candid chat about the show, during the ZEE5 May Calendar Launch Event.

ZEE5 Original Loser

We’re all stuck in a lockdown and the times are different. If the digital boom really had a phase, we’d hope it is marked during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are people moving companies and work online, but even important events are taking place via computer screens. The monthly-event, ZEE5 May 2020 Calendar Launch also took place on an online video conference, which also saw the presence of team Loser, an upcoming ZEE5 Telugu original show.

Watch the promo of Loser here:

Talking about the show, director Abhilash Reddy said, “Loser is a story filled with human emotions and hope. It’s a sports-drama which goes to the peak and gives us motivation. Here, Losers will make a winner.” Adding to it, actor Shashank said, “Even genre-wise it is a unique sports-drama with three different timelines and three sports. They connect together at crucial points and that’s when the audiences’ interests peak. ”

Actor Kalpika added her point of view, “It is set in three different timelines. And it is probably the first time when we’re talking or showcasing something about air rifle. No one has touched this subject yet. It’s an emotional journey, I can’t sum it up in a few words. There are ten episodes and there’s something that unfolds in every episode. Each character has a story of their journey and that’s the best part, it all hits you at the core.”

Loser poster
Loser poster

The actors spoke of their roles, too. Priyadarshi said, “I play the role of Suri, who pursues air rifle. It is truly a rewarding experience and Abhilash Reddy is the key person, who managed to bring out all the emotions. The story is an inspirational one.” And, Shashank added, “I play Wilson’s, set in the ’80s. He has two shades – the loving family man and the aggressive cricketer. He is a winner who becomes a loser and wins again.”

Young actor Komali who will be seen as Asha said, “Playing a spouse at this stage of my career was very challenging, but it will always be special to me. It is about a woman who has no say in real life, she sits introvertedly. She carries a lot of pain, it’s not rage but just sadness.” Veteran Tollywood actor Sayaji Shinde went on to praise the show and the director and said, “This is my debut in a web-series. And I enjoyed the experience a lot.”

ZEE5 Original Loser Team
ZEE5 Original Loser Team at the ZEE5 May Calendar Launch

Talking about the director, the veteran added, “Abhilash Reddy is a genuine, precise director with enough clarity. You have to watch out for the twists in each episode. This series as more enjoyable than a film.” Shashank exclaimed, “It’s a great opportunity because there is so much scope for performance. Abhilash Reddy has taken these challenges very uniquely. The show will garner a lot of attention and appreciation.”

Finally, they concluded by discussing the nature of streaming platforms. Shashank said, “It comes with a different set of challenges for writers and actors. But there are so many new things to explore.” Whereas Priyadarshi opined, “OTT is helping budding actors, writers and other technicians. Earlier, being an actor was just a namesake, without a job. Now, a lot of actors are finding jobs in OTT shows. It is the best time for great and unheard stories.”

Stay tuned to watch Loser on ZEE5, on May 15, 2020. In the meantime, check out some amazing and light-hearted shows here.

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