Quick Recap: Here’s What Happened In The First Season Before You Watch Kaali 2

We give you a lowdown of what transpired in the first season while gearing up for the upcoming season of Kaali to launch on May 29.

Kaali 2

The gripping ZEE5 Original series Kaaliis coming back with its second season on May 29, and we cannot wait to watch it! Starring Paoli Dam as the titular protagonist of the series, Kaali is about a mother who is driven by extreme circumstances into taking equally desperate measures to save her only son. The ZEE5 Original Series also stars Chandan Roy Sanyal, Vidya Malvade and Rahul Arunoday Banerjee among others.

Watch the first episode of the first season here:

While we eagerly await the next season of the series, here’s a video that will bring you up to speed and refresh your memory of what went down in the previous season. Check it out below.

In the video, we follow the tale of Kaali, a single mother who works as a masseuse in order to support her frail and ailing son, who is called Sunny. As it is, she struggles very hard to eke out an honest living, and is used to the hazards of her trade such as the occasional unwelcome advances from lewd men that she politely, yet firmly shuts down and puts in their place. Her life is no bed of roses, but Kaali is a strong and gritty woman, just like her namesake goddess.

Kaali 2
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Kaali’s husband is a criminal who is sent to jail on drug trafficking charges, which definitely does not help make her life any easier. Her husband not only puts his family in danger, but forces Kaali to get sucked into a dangerous world full of crime and illicit activities. Left with no other option, Kaali turns to crime when her son meets with an accident which leaves him immobile and helpless. Sunny needs an emergency lung transplant in order to live, and Kaali races against time to arrange for the enormous sum of money that the procedure will require. She risks her own life by making deals with other dangerous criminals and selling the stash of drugs that her husband had kept stowed away in their house.

Source: ZEE5

Kaali bears the brunt of violence from other criminals and is even threatened at gun point, but this spunky woman holds her own and turns the tables on them in a bid to buy time and secure the finances that have become her main goal to strive towards. Her son’s well-being is her sole concern, and she braves some supremely brutal circumstances in order to save his life. She even evades the police with her intelligence and sheer force of will. She will stop at nothing to pull Sunny out of the life-threatening condition that he is in, even if it means going against the law. Kaali’s actions may be thrillingly nerve wracking, but her steely determination and strength is undeniably phenomenal and awe-inspiring. How will her situation eventually play out? Stay tuned until the next season drops!

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