Rashami Desai B’Day Spl: Throwback To Her Best Scenes In Adhuri Kahaani Humari And Raavan

Love Rashami Desai's antics on a reality show? Watch these top 5 scenes from Adhuri Kahaani Humari and Raavan to know where she learned those skills.

Rashmi Desai Birthday throwback on Zee TV

Rashami Desai is making headlines because of her antics on a reality show. She entered the house as the highest paid member and has survived to become one of the finalists. Some of the skills she learnt to survive on the show must have come from years of doing evil and vamp-ish characters on TV shows. Her first role on TV seen her playing the role of Mandodari, Raavan’s wife, in the Zee TV show Raavan. More recently, she plays the role of a Daayan in the And TV show Adhuri Kahaani Humari.

1. Rashami Desai the daayan is killed in the final episode.

Rashami Desai played the role of the Daayan who is killed in the final episode. She starred as a daayan alongside Deepshikha Napgpal in this supernatural drama. Rashmi Desai entered the show after the leap where she tries to use her powers and torture the leading couple Krish and Radhika.

2. Rashami Desai’s Character Preeti tries to steal Radhika’s husband.

In this scene Rashami Desai who payed Preeti on the show enters the house to ruin Radhika’s life. She begins by working her magic on Radhika’s husband Krish. Preeta seduces Krish and convinces him to cheat on his wife.

3. Preeti Tries To Kill Krish And His Family

Preeti plans to kill Krish and his entire family. Radhika ovehears her entire plan and tries to stop her. Watch this episode, where she ends up confused because Krish wakes up and says that he is only a lookalike but and the real Krish is the one roaming freely.

4. Preeti Traps Radhika’s Family In A Photograph

When Preeti manages to kill the real Krish, Radhika decides to take revenge. She takes on the form of a Naagin and decides to kill everyone who help Preeti kill Krish. In this intriguing episode, Radhika plans to use her powers as a Naagin to defeat Preeti, but her own family ends up getting trapped inside a photograph.

Other popular TV actors who starred in this series include the late Pratyusha Banerjee, as a naagin. Shubhangi Atre, who went on to play Angoori in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, was also first seen in this show on And TV.

5. Rashmi Helps Raavan Gain His Powers From Lord Shiva

Rashami Desai’s first TV role was in the Zee TV show Raavan. She played the role of Raavan’s wife, Mandodari, where she was not evil. However, the character did have dark shades. This series aired between 2006 to 2008 and starred other popular TV stars like Jay Soni. It told the story of the Ramayan from Raavan’s perspective.

Watch Rashami Desai’s Valentine’s Day special performance with her husband Nandish Sandhu, on ZEE5.