Ravi Jadhav Shares A Scene From His Film Natrang, Compares It To The Ongoing Situation

The acclaimed director revealed that he finds this hard-hitting dialogue from Natrang fitting with today's times.

Ravi Jadhav

With the rising number of coronavirus cases, the authorities have put into action Lockdown 4.0 with certain statutory restrictions on our lifestyle. As we embrace the new normal, there aren’t any signs of hope that people can look up to currently. The situation seems to be worsening as we write this. However, amidst the ongoing crisis, there are celebrities who have stayed optimistic and encouraged fans to remain positive. Ravi Jadhav recently shared a scene from his National Award-winning film Natrang which fits perfectly with today’s times.

Watch Natrang directed by Ravi Jadhav here.

The acclaimed director revealed that he finds this hard-hitting scene from Natrang apt in the current situation. The dialogues uttered by the protagonist Guna in the film provide us with a perspective and are quite inspirational according to Ravi. Through this post, the director urges everyone to lift themselves up and stay hopeful amidst the crisis. Ravi took a trip down the memory lane and shared this socially relevant scene from Natrang on his Instagram account while hoping for a better future. The director is known for making such powerful films on the current issues of society. Natrang was his genuine attempt at portraying the plight of Tamasha artists across Maharashtra. He had recently urged everyone to help these artists who are going through a financial crisis during the corona outbreak as theatres have closed down.

Check out Ravi’s post here.

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