Review: Lotpot’s Bal Kahani Will Surely Catch Your Kids’ Imagination

This is a beautiful tale of value and morals and it will make you nostalgic and reminisce the jungle tales. Its a #NonStopBachFun ride, watch it.

A still from Bal Kahani

Bal Kahani is a Hindi animation series for kids, based on animals living together in a forest. It’s a new riveting way to show the importance of habits that they need in their life. Animals have a certain level of innocence and mischief that kids can easily identify with, and Bal Kahani captures this beautifully. The series contains several small episodes of 2-3 minutes, each with a new story and moral. The small episodes and the simple bright colored animals will surely catch your kids’ attention and motivate them to watch the complete series.

We’ve all been in a situation at least once in our life where we need to tell a kid how to behave in a particular situation. But we’re completely clueless as to how to go about it. Kids are quite inquisitive and while trying to explain one concept, they’ll have various questions regarding something else altogether. Bal Kahani manages this well by focusing a single moral all through one episode, making it easy for the kids to grasp and remember. As the show is in Hindi, it also teaches them the language in a fun way without making them bored. Lockdown has enabled everyone to watch shows and movies on mobile devices more often, so Bal Kahani is an ideal watch for the kids to watch with their family as it not only is an entertaining kids’ show, but also teaches them important morals within just a few minutes.

However this laugh a minute has many good laughs with messages that will make it a good watch. Here is the list of the top five episodes.

You can watch the promo of the show here:

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