Robin Hood, Chhota Hatim And Seven Monsters: 5 Films Children Can Enjoy On ZEE5 Kids

Check out these amazing films available on ZEE5 Kids- the one-stop destination for providing your child with #NonStopBachFUN.

1. Robin Hood

Robin Hood
Source: Zee5

The lockdown has affected everyone’s lives including kids who are now forced to stay inside. They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Now that the schools, playgrounds are closed and the kids have nowhere to go, they would obviously look for some other source of entertainment. That’s when ZEE5 Kids, the one-stop destination for #NonStopBachFUN, comes in handy! It has got a collection of films based on legendary characters that will keep your child entertained during this lockdown. To help you select from the variety of content available on the platform, we’ve curated a list of five amazing films on ZEE5 Kids that your child would enjoy watching.

First up on this list is a film based on the evergreen hero- Robin Hood. The tale of Robin Hood has been taken from folklore who’s an outcast. He takes away resources from the rich and hands it over to the poor. Watch Robin Hood challenge the power of Medieval England in his adventures here.

Check out the film now.

2. Chhota Hatim And Seven Monsters

Chhota Hatim
Source: Zee5

Chota Hatim is an amazing tale of adventure. Hatim and his friends travel to the forbidden forest to rescue Princess Leela who has been turned into a stone by the evil magician Vinashak. Will Hatim succeed in saving Princess Leela from the monster’s clutches? Watch the film here, to find out!

3. Cinderella

Source: Zee5

The fairytale of Cinderella has been every child’s favourite to listen to. What if we told you that your child can now get to see the visual spectacle online? Yes, you heard it right! ZEE5 Kids also has a film based on the legendary character of Cinderella. The story revolves around a young girl Cinderella who’s forced to do menial jobs by her stepmother. She dreams of attending the royal ball to meet her prince charming. Her fairy godmother helps her reach the venue but unfortunately, the clock strikes twelve! Check out what happens next here.

4. Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Source: Zee5

Christopher Columbus is the journey of how the great discoverer rose to heights of fame. It’s an engaging story of a young Columbus’s quest to the ultimate discovery of America which created history. Your child would absolutely love to find out how Columbus’s ship sailed through the stormy waters. Hop on the boat of Christopher Columbus here.

5. Bal Hanuman

Bal Hanuman
Source: Zee5

Released in 2007, Bal Hanuman is an animated feature film based on the mythological character Hanuman. It traces the journey of Hanuman’s childhood and features several significant events like Hanuman’s magical birth to him gulping down the sun. Blessed with divine superpowers, Hanuman’s tale has fascinated both kids and adults alike. Watch this film here.

Which of these films are you planning to watch with your kid? Comment below and tell us!

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