Samantha Akkineni Harvests Her First Set Of Microgreens And You Will Be Inspired To Do It

Samantha Akkineni kept her lockdown productive by learning new things & one of them is planting and harvesting. She is also here to help you do it.

Samantha Akkineni - first harvest

The lockdown has taken a toll on many people, for multiple reasons. But keeping yourself productive and sane during these times has been the go-to solution. It is safe to say that actor and Tollywood’s darling, Samantha Akkineni has managed to do successfully.

Watch her in Ye Maya Chesave here:

Samantha has actively been advocating for a healthy life and healthier diets. Given our situation, people in power — including celebrities — have been actively advocating for a plant-based diet. Inspired by the entire movement, Samantha set up her own garden and has been taking care of the newest sources of food for herself and her family. Like Genelia Deshmukh, even Samantha is all game for ‘from farm to table’ philosophy of food.

Samantha Akkineni
Samantha Akkineni (Source: Instagram)

She shared a few pictures and wrote: “My first harvest of cabbage microgreens.” Microgreens are young plants or baby plants. They range between sprouts and young green veggies. With a rich aroma to it, these microgreens are filled with nutritional content. Their texture and colour always differ. Samantha further suggested: “For those of you interested in growing your own, all you need is a tray, cocopeat, seeds and a cool room that has a window with partial sunlight.

Samantha Akkineni
Samantha Akkineni (Source: Instagram)

You can do it too in just three steps. “Step 1: fill the tray with cocopeat, leave the room at the top. Step 2: sprinkle the seeds. Step 3: Spray water generously till the cocopeat is completely moist and cover the tray. Place the tray in the coolest area of your house next to a window. If there is less sunlight you can use a bedside lamp. Leave it for 4 days. (you can check on it every day you’ll see it sprout ).”

By the fifth day, you can start watering it every day again and by the eighth day, you will be ready to harvest your own microgreen. So, are you excited to do it? Let us know below.

You can read more about Samantha here. Or check out her hit film, A Aa, on ZEE5.

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