Sambhavtaha Review: A Powerful Film That Sheds Light On Farmers’ Struggle In India

Directed by Gaurav Madan, Sambhavtaha is an honest portrayal of the plight of farmers in our country who are exploited on the pretext of development.

A Still From Sambhavtaha

Directed by Gaurav Madan, Sambhavtaha is ZEE5’s short film based on the issue pertaining to the farmers across India. The film stars Vikas Patil, Devendra Gaikwad, Vitthal Kale, and Shweta Kulkarni in lead roles. The story highlights the struggles of a farmer who decides to rebel to save his land from being taken away on the pretext of development. It is an intense, dark, and a gripping drama that leaves you gasping for breath. There have been many films in the recent past that have tried to bring to light the plight of farmers in the country, but none have managed to leave a far-reaching impact on the audiences like Sambhavtaha.

You can watch the short film here.

The film revolves around the story of Vinoba, an innocent farmer who is forced to give away his piece of land. The authorities plan to put an axe on his only source of income for the construction of a highway. Vinoba decides to take the matter into his own hands. Through snippets in the story, we are shown how prepared he is to take extreme steps if required. We see Vinoba tying a rope to a tree and leaving the noose hanging. At this point, we are left to wonder what he’s thinking of doing. Some men, who are later revealed to be government officials, arrive. We sense that some madness is about to unfold, possibly a carnage. But is there something more to this man than what meets the eye?

A Still From Sambhavtaha
Source: ZEE5

The film begins in a dark room which is almost a premonition for the looming darkness that is about to engulf us as a viewer. The director has used real locations to bring out the authenticity and rawness of the countryside. Special mention to Mihir Bhatt whose music gets imprinted on our minds forever. The performance put forth by Vikas Patil as Vinoba is brilliant to say the least. The actor has done a phenomenal job in essaying the role to perfection. But it is the climax sequence of the film that leaves you wanting for more. This is when the title of the film comes into play. Sambhavtaha when translated into Marathi means probability. The film is based on the probable outcomes in Vinoba’s life. It is cleverly used to bring an unmissable twist to the story.

A Still From Sambhavtaha
Source: ZEE5

The film has already received critical acclaim and rightfully so. It is a commentary on the grave situation of the farmers in the country, many of whom are on the verge of committing suicide at this very moment. It makes us restless as we are bombarded with some pressing questions about the need to have development at the cost of our farmers’ lives. This masterpiece deserves an honourable place in cinema for being an honest portrayal of reality.

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