Sau Shashi Deodhar, Phobia: 5 Psychological Thrillers You Can Treat Yourself With

We have your weekend sorted for you with these films, available exclusively on ZEE5! Check out the list inside.

1. Sau Shashi Deodhar

Poster Of Sau Shashi Deodhar
Source: ZEE5

This Mararhi film starring Sai Tamhankar and Ajinkya Deo, tells the story of a woman Shubhada who meets with an accident and upon getting discharged from the hospital, finds that her world has turned upside down. She can’t find her family and has even mistaken her own identity. Who is Shubhada and what’s her story?

Watch this gripping psychological thriller here.

2. Phobia

Poster Of Phobia
Source: ZEE5

This Hindi film starring Radhika Apte, tells the story of a woman (Mehak) suffering from Agoraphobia, a mental disorder in which people are afraid to step out of their home. How does Mehak’s story end? Watch here.

3. Raman Raghav 2.0

Poster Of Raman Raghav 2.0
Source: ZEE5

This Anurag Kashyap directional is a neo-noir psychological thriller starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui (as Raman) and Vicky Kaushal (as Raghav). Ramana is a serial killer who tries convincing Raghav, a policeman, on how the two are similar. Does Raghav get convinced? Watch here.

4. No Smoking

Poster Of No Smoking
Source: ZEE5

This is another Anurag Kashyap film, starring John Abraham as a chain-smoker ‘K,’ who visits a rehabilitation center to quit his addiction. He is released after signing a cheque for Rs. 21 lakh and is told that if he ever smokes again, his family will be killed. Watch here.

5. 8x10 Tasveer

Poster Of 8x10 Tasveer
Source: ZEE5

This Hindi film starring Akshay Kumar and Ayesha Takia tells the story of a man Jai, who has the unique ability of discovering a person’s past by looking into his/her picture. After learning that his father died in boating accident under mysterious circumstances, Jai decides to explore the truth. Does he succeed? Find out here.

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