Secret Out: Niki Walia, Zain Imam, Javed Tell Us If They’ve Ever Kissed Their Best Friend

The cast of Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special share their kissing experience and more in an exclusive chat with us.

A Still of Niki, Zain and Javed Jffrey

Never Kiss Your Best Friend is a beautiful show and in times like these, it not only entertains us but acts like a ray of hope. It’s back with its Lockdown Special edition, which is truly magical. Directed by the brilliant Arif Khan, this show and season entirely focus on a virtual relationship and how two people who have been in love can spark things up no matter what the distance feels like.

We had a chance to chat with the actors and understand their take on the modern-day relationships and in a very candid way, they revealed to us there #NeverKissYourBestFriend moment.

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In a chat with Niki Walia, who plays Tanie’s mom and her PR manager disclosed she is nothing like Tanie Aunty in real life and how with the help of her husband she was able to shoot the whole show with such ease.

We asked her, if she has ever kissed her best friend, this is what she had to say:

Niki WaliaYes, I have! It was Sunny, my husband.

This is the cutest thing, one can hear and hope for love stories to come true.

We also had Bitu Mama who is played by the evergreen Javed Jaffrey, he is a true rock star and a hopeless romantic, he revealed to us how his children doubled up as assistant directors to help him shoot the series.

When we asked him if he has ever kissed his best friend, this is what he had to say;

Javed JafferyNo. On the lips no but on the cheeks, yes.

Javed Jaffery, is known for his infectious vibe, watch out for his amazing performance as Bitoo Mama only on ZEE5.

Lastly, we had the heartthrob and the social media favourite Zain Imam, he is charming and his smile is enough to make you fall in love with him, but what if we tell you that Mr Imam is a hopeless romantic and believes in true love?

When we asked him has he ever kissed his best friend, his answer will raise an eyebrow.

Zain ImamNever! No, I haven’t.

He explained how it might get complicated and then affect the entire dynamic. Zain who plays Zayed is an amazing actor and a pleasure to watch in the show.

Don’t forget to Watch the Lockdown Edition of Never Kiss Your Best Friend, streaming exclusively on ZEE5.