Spread #2XTheLove With These Phenomenal Movies Starring Dev And Rukmini Maitra

Give your weekend a romantic spin as you watch the movies of this power couple on ZEE5. Details inside.

Rukmini and dev

Valentine’s Day is here and we are as excited as you are. While the entire world makes plans to spend the special day with their loved ones, we have a way to make your Valentine’s Day plan even more amazing. The special day falls on a Friday this year, we have thought of a way to help you carry the romantic vibes into the weekend. From intense love stories such as Praktan to funny rom-com movies like Filter Coffee Liquor Cha, ZEE5 is full of movies that can add a romantic spin to your weekend.

While there are many recommendations to give, we have a specific list for this season. How about watching the movies of real-life couple Dev and Rukmini Maitra? This off-screen couple is known for their on-screen chemistry which makes everyone in the audience go ‘aww’. The power couple, who recreate the magic in reality as well, have set #CoupleGoals for all of us. Here are a few Dev-Rukmini movies that can make your weekend plan. Check them out.


The plot of this movie is based on a true incident. The film features Dev as Captain Dibyendu Rakshit, who now has to safely land a Kolkata-Mumbai flight. This plane needs an emergency landing after it suffers massive turbulence which ends up damaging the engines. Watch this action-packed movie also starring Koel Mallick, that shows the difficulties and challenges that he faces in his journey. 

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With a story focusing on the dark underworld of human trafficking, Kidnap talks about a musician who falls in love with a journalist. With romantic songs and an amazing storyline capturing the lives of the couple, this binge-worthy movie is sure to leave you excited. The movie directed by Raja Chanda has the right mix of action, romance and intrigue. With a serious threat looming over Rukmini’s character’s head, Dev gears up to face against many different people in order to rescue her forms the narrative of the story. 

Kidnap Movie
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