Strawberry Shake Review: A Vulnerable Short-Film About A Modern Dad-Daughter Relationship

The 20-minute short by Shoneel Yallittkar describes the bittersweet relationship between a father and daughter in its most honest and vulnerable form.

Strawberry Shake - Short Film

Starring Sumeet Raghvan and Dhruti Durgule, Strawberry Shake starts off with a premise that is simple: a single dad wanting to be friends with his daughter. You know what you are getting into with this Shoneel Yallattikar film, and you are rooting for Sumeet Raghvan’s affectionate energy as a father. As he tries to copy a trending dance move in order to fit in, he is nothing but adorable. All he wants is for his daughter to accept him as a friend. This pans out exactly as expected. While Mrunalini (Dhruti Durgule), the daughter, leaves, he is all set to go make a cup of coffee and get back to his regular chores. That’s when the story goes into full swing and he finds himself in one of the most questionable places of his life. The leitmotif of this short is totally justified and takes you on a cinematic journey that is driven solely by the simple yet engaging screenplay.

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His daughter returns with her boyfriend, and storms into the master bedroom because there is a double bed in it that they can share. It’s one of those situations where things take place so fast that you barely get time to wrap your head around it. In this case, Sumeet Raghavan is no exception. While he is completely dumbfounded and trying to eavesdrop at the door, he sits exasperated on the thought of what must be going behind those closed doors!

Soon enough, we see the boyfriend, played by the very endearing Rohit Phalke, walk into the hall. As he is mustering his strength to ask for something, Mrunalini walks in with confidence and tells Sumeet she is looking for a condom. She tried to find it in the wardrobe but it wasn’t there. As the situation gets awkward, Mrunalni doesn’t bat an eyelid and finds a condom that’s strawberry flavoured and walks back to the bedroom with her boyfriend.

Strawberry Shake - Review
Strawberry Shake

What happens next, is the real reason why you should watch this strong, hilarious yet important short film. It tackles growing up and a few problems that come along with its way in the most sensitized yet practical fashion. While we are all trying to adopt the art of being modern and accepting. Stories like Strawberry Shake act as a rearview mirror for life. Releasing on 15 April 2020, this story will make you realize how important a single, frank conversation can be!

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