Strawberry Shake Review: Hruta Durgule’s Film Provides A Refreshing Take On Parenthood

Directed by Shoneel Yallattikar, the film starring Hruta Durgule and Sumeet Raghavan, beautifully explores the equation between a father-daughter.

A still from Strawberry Shake.

A daughter asks his father for a condom and the latter happily obliges. Have you ever come across such a scene in films before? Strawberry Shake tries to break free from the stereotypical representation of this relationship that is usually depicted on-screen. Mrunmayee isn’t her father’s puppet but instead lives her life on her own terms. She and her dad even discuss sensitive subjects like sex, without any fear or awkwardness. Directed by Shoneel Yallattikar, Strawberry Shake is a short film starring Hruta Durgule and Sumeet Raghavan that has been released on ZEE5. It explores a beautiful relationship shared between a daughter and her single father.

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Strawberry Shake is as refreshing as its title as it provides a unique take on parenthood. The film revolves around the story of a single father played by Sumeet and his daughter Mrunmayee played by Hruta. The father wants to develop a healthy relationship and therefore extends a hand of friendship to his daughter. He wants to be the ‘daddy cool’ that he read about in the newspaper. However, things take a turn when Mrunmayee gets her boyfriend home. The awkward silence between Mrunmayee’s father and her boyfriend in this scene will certainly leave you in splits. Later when Mrunmayee and her boyfriend go into the bedroom, the father cannot help but feel restless. Things get more intense when Mrunmayee asks for a spare condom from her father. At this point, you would probably say to yourself “well, that escalated quickly!”

A still from Strawberry Shake
A still from Strawberry Shake

The film dives deep into the parent-child equation and subtly makes a strong point by highlighting that openness and transparency are key to a healthy equation between two parties.  It is amusing to see how the father reacts when Mrunmayee asks for a condom. However, it’s the final confrontation between him and his daughter that hits home. Their casual discussion about sex, relationships, divorce, parenthood will take you aback but impress you at the same time. The film’s storyline is solid and so are the performances. Hruta looks gorgeous as ever as a chirpy college-going girl and does complete justice to her role. Sumeet steals the show with his brilliant performance as a doting father, which is not surprising.

A still from Strawberry Shake
A still from Strawberry Shake

Although the film doesn’t have many scenes, the story sails smoothly from one shot to another, thanks to the crips, efficient writing, and editing by Shoneel Yallattikar. Special shout out to Nishaad Golambare’s soothing background score. The director has dedicated this tale of love, anger, and much more to all the fathers who aim to grow closer to their kids and become friends with them. Strawberry Shake overall is a heartfelt and emotional film that deserves your attention.

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