Sugar, Spice And All Things Nice! Meet The Three Ladies In Three Half Bottles

The upcoming ZEE5 Original, Three Half Bottles, is a story about three bachelors who share the same pad. These three ladies add spice to the show

Three Half Bottles

We have been talking about Nikhil, Sirish and Aditya, for some time now. The three young men lead the upcoming ZEE5 original show, Three Half Bottles. But won’t it turn too monotonous to watch only the three of them on screen? Well, that is the reason why we have not one or two, but three young and charming women, who will add sugar and spice to the show and make it better. Now that we have already met the boys, it’s time to meet the girls.

Watch the trailer here:

Meet Neha!

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Jasmine Kaur plays the character of Neha, who is smart, charming and a complete bundle of joy. Neha has an aura that keeps her and the people around her happy. Although she is content helping her father grow his business, she believes it is time to fly out of the family nest and explore the world that awaits outside. It’s rare for one to find Neha not being prim and proper. But all her guards fall low when she is with Nikhil. She embraces the childlike innocence that she shares in common with him.

Meet Shalini!

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Strength and independence describe Shalini the best. Played by Monica Tavanam, Shalini is a student of Psychology and is busy exploring the depth of one’s existence. On the surface, it may seem like she has her life figured out. But deep down inside, she is still unsure of a lot of things. Her relationship with Aditya seems to be the biggest scourge of her life. Her constant need to prove herself as a better person, having a competitive nature, is yet another complication.

Meet Priya

Actor Swetha Varma portrays the role of Priya. A graphic designer by choice, she is a city girl, who finds a way to all problems that surround her, big or small. She meets Sirish for professional reasons, but fate has other plans for them. She finds her way into Aditya’s life via Sirish and that’s when the mess begins.  

Stay tuned to know what happens in Nikhil’s bachelor pad, filled with drama, tension and entertainment, in Three Half Bottles only on ZEE5 on December 15. Now, you can check out Gods of Dharmapuri here.