Sumer and Tanie: 4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Best Friend

What are the things you should never do to your BFF? Find out here. Nakuul Mehta-Anya Singh revisit rules of friendship in Never Kiss Your Best Friend

1. Never bitch about your best friend's BF/GF

Nakuul and Anya in Never Kiss Your Best Friend series
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Never Kiss Your Best Friend is the story of two BFFs who struggle with their feelings for each other. Are they friends or more than friends? The upcoming ZEE5 Original web series is based on Sumrit Shahi’s novel of the same name, Never Kiss Your Best Friend. The 10-episode digital drama shall feature leading television actor Nakuul Mehta opposite Qaidi Band actress Anya Singh. The story plays across two timelines; their youth, when their friendship was the highlight of both their lives, and their adulthood, when they seem to have met after years of separation. What happened to the thick friendship? What made them drift apart? And will they ever cover the distance and finally confront their feelings for each other? While the shooting for the series is underway, we have listed down four things you should NEVER do to your best friend.

To begin with, if your best friend has a boyfriend/girlfriend, never bitch about their love interest in front of them. It only makes you bitter, and bitterness has never looked pretty on anyone!

2. Never feel insecure or jealous of your best friend

A still from Never Kiss Your Best Friend
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Sure, you may feel like your best friend is giving you less time and attention. But also try to adjust and wrap your head around the fact that their time now doesn’t belong to you alone. Find happiness in their happiness, isn’t that what friends are for? To make life simpler! Besides, jealousy is so yesterday. Just get along with their boyfriend/girlfriend already.

3. Never force your BFF to hang out with your friends

Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh in Never Kiss Your Best Friend
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Do not, I repeat, do not ask him/her to join you for a party with your bunch of pals. Not everyone is a social butterfly and you cannot drag your best friend to every event or party. Give each other some space.

4. Never break the bro-code/sis-code

A still from Never Kiss Your Best Friend series
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This fight club has two rules: 1. Never break the code. 2. Never forget rule #1.

Stay tuned to find out more about #NeverKissYourBestFriend. The ZEE5 Original starts streaming on ZEE5 from 20 January 2019.

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