#SummerOfEmotions: Here’s All You Need To Know About The Romantic Drama Aunn Zara On ZEE5

From an amazing storyline to a well-balanced array of stars, this ZEE5 Original series has a lot to offer. Read more about Aunn Zara here.

Aunn Zara on ZEE5

ZEE5 has always been a step ahead in delivering the best content for its viewers. Be it premiers of new movies or their exciting array of ZEE5 original shows, the audience has always had something to look forward to. As a part of providing the best content, ZEE5 has now begun showcasing content from all across the world for its viewers. With the aim of syndicating the best quality content, the platform has opened a wide variety of content for the audience to consume.

Aunn Zara is one such marvel. Being one of the many shows that have been introduced on the platform, it has already captivated the audience with its charm and story. If you haven’t had a chance to see the trailer yet, check it out here.

The trailer received a great response from everyone, and the show is also well appreciated. While many are loving the show, here are a few things you might like to know about it.

The show talks about the life of Aunn and Zara. Each of them faces a different kind of issue when it comes to their family. Aunn being the only boy in the house is overly pampered by both his mother, and grandmother. They are overprotective of him and don’t let him do anything on his own. Meanwhile, Zara is the only girl in her house and is raised with too much love by her father and grandfather. Being a retired serviceman, Zara’s father wants her to join the Airforce, but she wishes to get settled instead so that she can live her dream of having a family. They meet one day and they both begin to fall for each other. The entire story follows their journey of love and self-discovery.

This show is directed by the famed director Haissam Hussain who has worked on many hit projects throughout his career. He has once again portrayed his skills as a seasoned director, and never fails to amaze the audience by taking up these challenging scripts and projects. He manages to capture the culture, and the entire feel of middle-class families with this show.The characters have heartwarming stories and that is perhaps why it makes them relatable and the audience is able to connect with them.

What is refreshing to watch is the progressive way in which women have been portrayed in Aunn Zara. The female characters  are strong, feisty and very independent. Aunn’s mother and aunt both have broken marriages and therefore he has been raised in a house ruled by strong women. Aunn Zara also gives us a different perspective of a joint family, where most of the shows often stress on the negatives of living in a joint family, Aunn Zara shows us the close bond the family members share with each other.

Osman Khalid Butt who plays Aunn, has a childlike streak in him, and that makes him more loveable. At the same time he brings about a certain kind of depth to his character. While Maya Ali as Zara ,is brilliantly expressive and has a great comic timing too.

The script of the show is based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel Hisaar-e-Muhabbat. While following the exact same story of the novel, the director has managed to bring the magic by portraying the importance of having a cultural background by focusing on rituals and family ties.

One amazing feature of this Urdu show is its progressive plot. With strong female characters, this serial contests the patriarchal standard, which most of our T.V serials always glorify. By showing all the female characters having a bold and strong personality, the serial instils the feeling of independence and courage in women.

Sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for! Start binging on this serial and watch the story of Aunn and Zara unravel before your very eyes.

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