Svah! So Be It: This 12-Minute Short Film Millennial Take On Modern-Day Weddings!

Directed by Gauri Daswani, this movie is a millennial take on how two individuals who met on Tinder decide to get married. But what happens next?

Shriya Pilgaonkar in SVAH

This short film based on marriage is a millennial take on self-worth and the importance of standing for not only oneself but, the family! Savri played by Shriya Pilgaonkar is likable and strong-headed. Initially, you cannot understand why she is making the choice she is, but you come around to respect her decision. The age-old question of what is marriage and what does it finally boil down to is answered in this 12-minute short masterfully crafted by Gauri Daswani.

This movie is a millennial take on how two individuals who met on Tinder and are quite set to marry each other introduce their parents. What follows after that is a modern meeting with laughs and conversation. It looks like a picture-perfect family wrapped in glossy paper. It’s not long after that the prejudice in the form of family genes is then brought to the perfect picture. A German sociologist has said, “Marriage is a bond between two people to produce children.” And he wasn’t wrong. But have you ever thought that certain genes can cost you the entire affair? Svah talks about this and more.

This short is presented without any melodrama and shrillness. It’s the struggle of an ordinary woman in our country. What really strikes us that, Savri isn’t chasing dreams of marrying a Royal Prince or world domination. She is looking for simple joys and basic acceptance. To live according to her own choices, but even that seems like a long and arduous journey. This world created by Guari Daswani has a complex character and each has its own meaning.

This film will stay with you because of stellar performances and a refreshing plot about marriage. It really brings us all back to the square one! Are we all that modern after all?

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