Pranavi Manukonda, Fun Bucket Bhargav & More: All Your Social Media Favourites Are On HiPi

Are you missing your favourite social media stars? They will all be on HiPi to entertain you with unlimited content. Have you joined yet?

HiPi Stars Pranavi Manukonda and Fun Bucket Bhargav

With a global health pandemic and national tension at the border, India is dealing with too many things at once. During these tough times, the entire country came together to help one another and to make the world a better place. Amidst the crisis, people also decided to ban a few apps that allegedly helped the foreign intruder, who posed threat to us. With that movement, the government banned 59 apps, including TikTok. But there’s a new ray of hope.

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Many Indians found their daily dose of entertainment with short-clips on the video-sharing platform. In fact, many people even earned a livelihood through TikTok. With the ban, many things changed in just a snap. ZEE5, India’s leading OTT platform, has stepped in at a crucial time to make situations better. The streaming platform has announced HiPi, a new video app which will allow people to create and share short videos.

You can now share your favourite dance routine or a popular monologue lasting up to 60 seconds in this video maker app. All you have to do is register for the photo-video app for free and enjoy the joyride. If you think, you will not know what to do in this video editor app, all your favourite social media stars will help you get started. Pranavi Manukonda of Ganga Manga fame will be amongst the initial few influencers on the app.

Eugenia Ustinova and Sindhu
Eugenia Ustinova and Sindhu (Source: Instagram)

Local Telugu digital stars like Fun Bucket Bhargav will keep you entertained with his pranks and comedy. TikTok sensations from the Telugu speaking states like Pavan Hari, Amrutha Chowdary, Sreenidhi Reddy, Akhil Gandi, Sumaya Syed, Mishal Jain, Amalapuram Abbay, Happy Queen, Srihari Gokul, Geetu Royal, Prudhvi, Santosh Kasarla, Jaya and Surya will be back in action too.

Be sure of your fashion inspiration from Pragya Nagra, Eugenia, Sindhu and  Advika Shekhar. While Aqsa Khan, Kanha Mohanty will take care of your dance practices. Of course, you have Keshavi Chhetri and Sumanth Prabhas to give you everything you need from time to time.

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