Tamanaah, Vishal And Jagapathi Babu-Starrer Okkadochadu Is Just What You Need Right Now

What boredom? Make laughter your buddy by watching Tamanaah, Vishal, and Jagapathi Babu in their action-comedy, Okkadochadu on ZEE5, for free.


Ain’t no time for complaining! Because there’s so much time to do something bigger and better. This week on ZEE5, we bring to you the 2016 action-comedy film, Okkadochadu. Starring Vishal and Tamannah in the lead roles along with Jagapathi Babu, this film is originally a Tamil film. Titled Kaththi Sandai, meaning Swordfight, it was simultaneously released in Telugu and in Hindi as Rowdy Rajkumar.

Watch the trailer of Okkadochadu here:

The premise of the film is set in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. A village boy named Arjun Ramakrishnan comes to the city. He sets aside all his agendas when he sees Divya, a young psychology student. He does all that it takes and makes her fall in love with him. Finally, the two youngsters decide to take things ahead and tie the knot. That’s when Divya’s brother, DCP Tamizhaselvan, come into the picture. He gives a nod to their relationship, but that’s when things start to go wrong.

A Still in Okkadochadu
A still from Okkadochadu

One fine day, the DCP is kidnapped by goons, and Arjun comes to rescue. At that moment, Arjun reveals that he isn’t an ordinary village boy but is a CBI officer. Arjun explains that he was there to inspect the Rs. 300 cr black money scam, lying inside the DCP’s house. Arjun suggests letting go of the money and surrendering himself. Before Arjun could get what he wants, the DCP finds out that Arjun is no CBI officer, and wants to thwart the money himself.

This is when the cat and mouse change begins. The DCP attacks Arjun in an attempt to gain control over the money again. Arjun gets injured and pretends to lose his memory. As the chase continues, who will have the final say? More importantly, why has Arjun been lying all along? Watch the full film here. Check out more films that you can watch for free on ZEE5.

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