Tears Of Joy: 5 Proposal Scenes From ZEE5 Shows That Made Us Laugh And Cry

Has the lockdown created an unwanted distance between you and your crush? You can prepare to propose to them post-lockdown with inspiration from here!

1. Veer's Declaration Of Love

Love is a sweet bond that grows with distance. But the tides of sorrow when one is away from their sweetheart is terrible pain. If you are also feeling sad about being away from your beloved, or are nursing the pain of not being able to see your crush then you must watch these series and the proposals in them to get a warm and fuzzy feeling that is love!

Watch an episode of the tale of love and loyalty, Fittrat, streaming on ZEE5 here:

The ZEE5 original series Fittrat starring Aditya Seal, Anushka Ranjan, and Krystle Dsouza is a tale of star-crossed lovers who cross paths again in life as destiny wants them to, but their life is brought to a standstill as Veer is now Tarini’s best friend Amy’s fiancé! Veer ditches his fiance as she sits in the mandap in her bridal wear, ready to get married. He goes to Tarini’s house and tells her that he loves her. Passionate, isn’t it? Watch this tale of romance here.

2. Sumer's Grand Proposal

The ZEE5 original series based on a bestselling novel, Never Kiss Your Best Friend, starring Nakuul Mehta is a heart-wrenching tale of love and friendship. Tanie and Sumer see themselves in a whirlwind of emotions as they befriend each other, try to date other people but eventually end up together. Tanie finds herself at the London eye, at Sumer and Tanie’s hangout spot as she talks to her friend about letting Sumer go as he needs to pursue his dreams. Just then Sumer walks in with drums trumpeting. Tanie enquires and he reveals that he has come to declare his love, just the horse that she had always imagined was out of budget so he had to do with the drums! Tanie declares her love for her best friend. What happens next?  Find out in this series!

3. Scenic and romantic

It happened in Calcutta is a ZEE5 Original series based on the love that surpasses decades and still has the same passion. It is the story of medical college students Ronobir and Kusum. Ronobir proposes Kusum under twinkling lights as they face the Howrah bridge. It is their prom night. The middle-class girl and the rich boy fall in love but later part ways only to meet each other after years, Ronobir andKusum are doctors and face the Indo-Pak war. Would their love sustain? Watch the series here.

4. Vikram Demands Nithya's Love

The Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala is a culinary perfect portrayal of love. This web series is one in which a separated couple come face to face again and try to rekindle their love but problems crop up as in the past. Vikram tells Nithya to forgive him and accept his love for her, but what does he want to be forgiven for? Find out here.

5. Veer and Sameera's Broken But Beautiful Proposal


Broken But Beautiful 2 is a ZEE5 Original season 2 for the popular web series Broken But Beautiful starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi. Sameera broken heart is patched by the sombre and handsome Veer but would Veer keep to his promises and keep their love intact? Instead, Sameera is asked for marriage by Ahan and she marries him to save him from hurt but Ahan frees her as he knows she loves Veer. Sameera goes ahead and declares her love for Veer who accepts her and says that he reciprocates it. Want to know how they end up together? Find out in this episode!

Which out of these is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box below! Watch ZEE5 Originals, movies, and shows streaming on ZEE5!

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