Tejaswini Pandit, Amruta Khanvilkar Show How You Can Make Your Pics Better By Using Props

Get inspired by these Marathi celebrities and learn how to use props like pros to make your pictures more attractive and appealing.

Photography is an art that is a little tricky to master.  But many are thorough pros at it, including celebrities who not only pose well in front of cameras but use them well to capture great pictures of their own. All this comes with years of experience and learning. There are several tricks to make a picture look appealing and obe of them includes using props. Props can make your photos more creative and attractive. Today we look at how our favourite Marathi stars Tejaswini Pandit, Amruta Khanvilkar, Siddharth Chandekar and more have perfected the art of using props in their pictures.

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Tejaswini is known for her creativity, be it with regard to her talent, fashion choices, etc. The actress always comes up with unique ways to make her pictures look appealing and this black and white photo of hers below is an example of that. Tejaswini has used her phone as a prop in the most creative way! Can you figure out what she has done?

Amruta Khanvilkar never fails to amaze us with her charm and beauty. In this picture below, the actress has used the pallu of her saree as a prop, to cleverly create an orange effect that makes this picture as well as her, look fresh and beautiful! Agreed?

Sai Tamhankar knows she is stylish and she is unafraid to flaunt the same. The Date With Saie actress oozes oomph in this picture below, where she can be seen using a chair as her prop. This is an easy pose to pull off and can make you look stylish in an instant.

A Still Of Sai Tamhankar
Source: Instagram

Priya Bapat clicks a stunning picture by using a mirror as her prop. If you wish to click an intense picture as such, you know what to do!

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Sometimes some people are either a part of your conversations, or a part of somebody’s past, a part of someone’s future. And then the time comes when they become your present. A present that is much intense than any past and much more look forward to, than any other future. . You then realise that those people are not just a part of your present, they are a part of you. A rather inseparable. You can know someone for your entire life, and they may never really know YOU, and then there are those,whom you meet for the first time and feel you have known them forever. . . Have you ever thought What brings two people so close? what makes the bond stronger? What makes you comfortable in front of them, even when you are most vulnerable ? I could never find an answer to these question. I just believed in what my heart told me, every time I met them. I heard what my heart had to say. It’s magical to see how two people connect and create a unique vibe around them when they are together. The vibe that can only be felt by the two. . We remember the things that make us feel. Because feelings create moments and moments then become memories. Memories are the reason we smile, we cry, we laugh. These people in our lives is the treasure we own. Protect them, love them. Such people won’t be around you everyday but they never leave you either. They just visit like an angle when you need to smile. And they will go when they know you are ready to face the world again. Picture credit @abhiandnow

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When it comes to using a prop, you can also go all the way and use a vehicle just like Swwapnil Joshi has done in this picture below! The actor looks chic as he poses against this beautiful vintage car. What say?

Loved these prop-py pictures? Then go try them out right now, and tell us how it went in the comments section below!

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