The Music In The Latest Film Nirontor Starring Prosenjit Helps Make It An Evocative Watch

The exceptional soundtrack will not fail to make an impression, and goes a long way in making Nirontor the beautiful movie that it is.


The latest Bengali drama film Nirontor, starring none other than veteran actor Prosenjit along with a couple of brilliant actors like Satyam Bhattacharya and Ankita Majhi, is director Chandrasish Ray’s first film-making venture. Nirontor centres around two main characters — Biplab (Prosenjit) and Bhaskar (Satyam Bhattacharya). The two are thrown together for an office trip to a remote region in the hills of North Bengal. Even though they are poles apart in nature because of their vast age gap, they strike up an unlikely and beautiful bond. The film is a stirring ode to life and relationships, the music in it is intrinsic to making it the poignant and evocative viewing experience that it is.

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Music director Avijit Kundu has outdone himself when it comes to the soundtrack of Nirontor. Each song and background score forms an integral part of the story as it unfolds, and helps to convey the emotion and drama in each scene. The music imbues the film with rich flavour and character that makes the people and places at each moment come to life vividly.

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Up in the lush green hills of North Bengal, Biplab and Bhaskar share a heartwarming moment when Biplab discovers that Bhaskar is well-versed in the local language! Biplab is surprised and delighted as Bhaskar hums along to a popular song in the language, which has been sung by Bipul Chhetri, a well loved indie pop musician from Nepal. Avijit Kundu has managed to capture the raw sentiment and pure beauty present in the story with his expert curation and composition.

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At the end of the film, Biplab implores his wife Jonaki (Ankita Majhi), who used to be a fabulous classical singer, to sing a Kajri geet. Jonaki, who now suffers from crippling depression, does not really have the enthusiasm to do anything these days. However, she yields to her husband’s request, and starts singing after a long time. The rain lashes away outside and we can hear its intermittent pitter-patter as Jonaki strikes up the first few notes of the song. “Barsan lage badariya,” she croons, and chills that you were least expecting, run down your spine most pleasantly as her haunting voice reverberates through the room. Singer Ivy Banerjee has performed a marvellous rendition, and her gorgeous singing stays with you long after Nirontor has ended, and makes you want to revisit it a few more times!

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