These 10 Things By Akhil Akkineni In Mr. Majnu Will Make You Crush On Him Again

Head over heels for the superstar? We got you more reasons to be in love with him. Just go catch him in action on ZEE5.

1. Making An Entry You Cannot Forget

Akhil Akkineni In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni in Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

If a movie is called Mr. Majnu, we already know what to expect. Right from the first scene, the lead actor, played by Akhil Akkineni, sweeps you off your feet with his charming smile and sugary sweet dialogues. Not just his leading lady Nidhhi Agerwal, but throughout the film, a number of girls go crazy about Akhil’s charm.

The Telugu star makes an entry you won’t be able to forget easily. Sweet talk and puppy eyes? That’s how this boy gets every girl going crazy about him. The strictest professor or a senior cop, nobody can save themselves from Mr. Majnu’s starry-eyed gaze.

2. Trying To Act Innocent

Akhil Akkineni With Rao Ramesh In a Scene From Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni with Rao Ramesh in a scene from Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

In the film, Akhil’s character, Vikki, goes back home in Hyderabad to his family. There, he can no more be a Casanova. Moreover, his uncle, played by Rao Ramesh, wants to make him the ‘perfect son’. Vikki tries hard to act innocent and it’s all too cute to watch.

3. Being The Ideal Elder Brother

Akhil Akkineni Tries To Explain The Situation To His Brother In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni in a scene from Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

Although he may seem like a reckless young boy, Vikki is smart and understanding. He understands the gravity of issues and figures out the best way to work on them. When his uncle is in debt and needs a signature from his son, Vikki becomes the one who takes charge. Not only that, he later explains the situation to his younger brother, too.

4. The 'Best' Friend

Akhil Akkineni Brings Ice Creams For His Friend In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni brings ice creams for his friend in a scene from Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

True friendship is more important than all other relationships. Vikki and his best friend share a weird relationship where every time Vikki lies, his best friend meets with an accident. In a scene where Vikki’s best friend tries to tell Nikki about him, he says, “vaadu naa manishi ani anukunte jindagi icchestadu” (if he thinks of you as his own, then he will give his life for you) .

5. Changing Himself For The Girl He Loves

Akhil Akkineni After A Makeover In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni post makeover in Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

While in a relationship everybody wants to remain as they are, Akhil’s character Vikki goes the extra mile and changes himself for his girlfriend Nikki. From a boy in cool cardigans and graphic tees to a man with crisp shirts and combed hair, Vikki’s dedication will set new limits for you.

6. Travelling To Another Country To Get His Girl Back

Akhil Akkineni With Hyper Aadi In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni with Hyper Aadi in Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

Like in every other relationship, Vikki and Nikki fight too. But things go out of hand when Nikki decides to leave everything along with Vikki at home and move abroad once again. Despite trying to cope up with the loss, Vikki cannot handle the void that Nikki leaves in his life. So he follows her to London and tries to get her back.

7. Fighting For His Girl

Akhil Akkineni After A Fight Scene In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni in a scene from Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

Every girl wants her man to fight for her. Vikki does it too. Ladies, there’s a reason you cannot get enough of Akhil Akkineni in Mr. Majnu. When a random classmate passed comments on Nikki (Niddhi Agerwal), Vikki goes to the extent of hitting the guy.

8. Preparing To Get Beaten Up By An Entire Colony

Akhil Akkineni With Hyper Aadi In Mr Majnu
Akhil Akkineni with Hyper Aadi in a scene from Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

Nikki is a sweetheart! Not just for us but also for all the people living in her neighbourhood. Post breakup, Nikki tells everyone about the boy who broke her heart. Because of their love for Nikki, the entire neighbourhood is waiting for a moment when they beat the boy who hurt their little girl. Akhil’s character is aware of it yet he is prepared for the worst and get beaten up.

9. Trying To Impress His Girl

Akhil Akkineni Tries To Impress His Girl Nidhhi Agerwal
Akhil Akkineni tries to impress Nidhhi Agerwal in Mr. Majnu(Source: ZEE5)

Who goes the extra mile to impress the girl who is already in love with them? Vikki does! The love Nikki and Vikki share is visible to everyone. Yet he does everything possible to impress his girl all over again. Even if that means trying to get Nikki’s friend and her ex boyfriend, who have broken up, back together.

10. Going All Out For His Love

Nidhhi Agerwal and Akhil Akkineni In A Song From Mr Majnu
Nidhhi Agerwal and Akhil Akkineni in a song from Mr. Majnu (Source: ZEE5)

From breaking bones to standing outside his girl’s house until late at night, from buying cakes to changing his fashion statement, Vikki is really the guy who goes beyond boundaries for his love. How do you not fall for a man like this?

Do not miss Akhil Akkineni’s gem of a film Mr. Majnu, available on ZEE5.