These 5 Couples From ZEE5 Shows Prove How Arranged Marriages Still Work Today

From Anuj- Gauravi to Guddan- AJ these couples prove first comes marriage and then comes love!

5 On-Screen Couples Of Zee5 Prove Arranged Marriage Is A Good Idea

A still from Baarish and Tujhse Hain Raabta
A still from Baarish and Tujhse Hain Raabta (Source: Online Portal)

Marriage is the union of not only two people, but their families as well. Arranged marriage was the perfect way to beautifully bond two people and their families together, but today more and more people have now started opting for love marriages in the fear of not finding the right person through arranged ones. But does it really matter if we know everything about someone before marriage or can we know everything about a person just because you are in love or have been dating? These five ZEE5 jodis have proved that arranged marriages work amazingly!

1. Anuj and Gauravi from Baarish

Two people from different walks of life but with one aspect in common, the love they have for their family. In Baarish, Gauravi works at the jewellery showroom owned by Anuj. Once their families propose marriage, they agree hesitantly, only to fall deeply in love with each other and realise the love they feel for each other. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly, proving that an arranged union is not a bad idea after all.

2. Kalyani and Malhar from Tujhse Hai Raabta

The story started out with the focus on the relationship between a stepmother and daughter. But as the daughter Kalyani gets married to Malhar, we can’t help but watch as their different personalities collide and bring out a love that’s beautiful and long-lasting. Malhar and Kalyani seem like a match from heaven. Tujhse Hai Raabta makes us believe sometimes we just find love.

3. Zara and Kabir from Ishq Subhan Allah

Religion and family got Zara and Kabeer together, but the spark that they felt due to the difference in their personalities got lost before they married. Zara is a Muslim girl with modern perspectives, while Kabeer is a traditional maulvi. This makes them fight and defer each other all the time. But one incident makes them realise that the spark had never died, and they still love and care for each other more than anything. Ishq Subhan Allah is a beautiful tale of love and family.

4. Guddan and AJ from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

This story is about a young girl, Guddan, who gets married to Akshat Jindal due to some circumstances and becomes the mother-in-law to his daughters. Although there’s a huge age difference between the two, which makes Guddan call him uncle in the beginning, slowly the relationship progresses into a love that defies time and age.

5. Abhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi is a famous rockstar while Pragya is a teacher trying to make ends meet for her family. Their families get them married but couldn’t stop them from bickering every chance they got. But even through all this, they noticed the good in each other and stood up for them, supporting and respecting them. All this made them fall so deeply in love that even years of separation couldn’t break it. Kumkum Bhagya teaches one about the technicalities of a relationship and respecting it.

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