These 6 Songs From Romantic Comedy Movie Bommarillu Are Still Relevant

Old is gold. Ditto for Bommarillu's songs. Here's why the music of the Siddharth and Genelia Deshmukh starrer should still be on your playlist.

1. Anthem For Single Men

A Still From Bommarillu
A moment from the song We Have A Romeo from Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)

There are so many reasons why the 2006 Telugu movie Bommarillu , available on ZEE5, remains our favourite even today. With a brilliant star cast, featuring Siddharth, Genelia Deshmukh, Jaya Sudha and Prakash Raj, the film is refreshing every time we see it. Moreover, the music, composed by ace music producer Devi Sri Prasad, has something to go with every mood.

Are you Romeo looking for your Juliet? Let the song We have a Romeo become your anthem and motivation! Now you can say… ekkada undo vetukudam!

2. The Ultimate Love Song

A Still From Bommarillu
Siddharth and Genelia Deshmukh in the song Bommani Geesthe from Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)

Bommarillu’s song Bommani Geesthe is truly the ultimate love song. It captures the beauty of love, with its intimacy, mischiefs and the essence in its lyrics. Surprise your loved one by dedicating, or even singing them a verse from this song and celebrate your love.

3. Love Isn't Easy

A Still From Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)
A still from Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)

Love is complicated and that’s for a reason! Have you ever wondered exactly why this emotion is so complicated? Or why people do what they do when they’re in love? You might find your answers in the song Kaani Ippudu, which is about the aftermath of getting your girl to confess her love for you.  

4. More Complications!

A Still From The Song Laalu Dharvaje In Bommarillu
A scene from the song Laalu Dharvaje from Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)

Getting married at a certain age, throwing a lavish wedding party, inviting relatives you didn’t know existed and so on could be cumbersome. The next time you find yourself caught at a wedding, dance to Laalu Dharvaje from Bommarillu, a fitting answer to the situation.

5. This Is What Your Heart Says

A Still From Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)
Siddharth in a still from Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)

“Naa manasande nuvvee nenani” (My heart says it’s only you and me)Doesn’t your heart, too, say that it’s just you and your love – for a lifetime together? If that’s the case, the song Appudo Ippudo will be ‘your song’. Who says you have to slow dance to a love song? Blast your speakers with Appudo Ippudo and enjoy a freestyle dance to this upbeat song.

6. Guilty As Charged

A Still From Bommarillu
A still from the Siddharth and Genelia Deshmukh starrer Bommarillu (Source: ZEE5)

You would be lying you if say you have never listened to a sad song while going through a rough patch in your relationship or in life. The last song from Bommarillu is for those days. The song Nammaka Tappani Nijam will make you tear up with its hard-hitting and honest lyrics.

But hey! The sun shines brighter after a rainy day. You could be at any of the phases in life and the one thing that is guaranteed to make you smile is Bommarillu. Find more rom-coms like Pandaga Chesko and Hello on ZEE5.